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Regarding Meier Audio, the HeadSix is an old amp right? No signs of it on the Meier Audio website... I took a look at the top of the line Meier Audio products, and they seemed to be the Classic amplifier and the Daccord DAC and they retail for 515 and 555 euros for those living outside Europe respectively. There is also a package which includes the Classic and the Daccord and they go for about 950 euros. What do you think about it? what about the Jazz amplifier? i think its more affordable, but don't know if the performance is the same level as other amps that I mentioned in the thread...

Yes, the HeadSix is old. It used to be the cheapest portable amplifier. Since a recent purchase of the B&W P5 headphones for portable use I have stopped using the HeadSix actually as the P5s sound excellent plugged straight into my iPod Touch.
My DAC is a Meier Audio StageDAC which is the predecessor to the Daccord. StageDAC is really excellent.
I am contemplating buying the Meier Audio Classic amplifier myself to use with the StageDAC. This will be to replace my elderly Sugden HeadMaster as I suspect the Classic will partner Sennheiser HD800s better, and I would be buying those at the same time. However I won't be doing this for some months.
There is a big thread about the Meier Audio Daccord here at Head-Fi.
I think there is also one about the Classic which was released at the same time. However I can't find that one.

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