Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
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  1. TK16
    Are you using any socket savers in your lyr? Besides the 2C51 adapter? Could the adapter be bad as well?
  2. tvnosaint
    I tried two different adapters. Each fried the same channel tube in the lyr, neither did that in the dac.
  3. billerb1
    That seller's good to go. I ordered the day before yesterday and they shipped yesterday. Due here tomorrow.
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  4. tvnosaint
    Sent order already. Not having the TS in the dac is not an option. A little more than I wanted to pay but that's just silly for what they bring.
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  5. rnros
    If you lost 3 in the same channel, I would have a conversation with Schiit, get their thoughts on the possibilities/probabilities.
    Sure, could be three bad tubes from a bad production run, but I think you're saying these came from different sources, or
    maybe same source as some of us have.
    The tube that turned white (getter) lost the vacuum. The crack you heard on removal may have been the glass just cracking
    more along the same lines that it already had, and through which it lost it's vacuum overnight. I've had tubes that had easily
    visible cracks in the glass and still held the vacuum, but never used them, the heat would probably cause them to fail.
    The pins go through the glass, stress on the pins can crack the glass, metal alloys used for pins at penetration location are
    designed to have the same thermal expansion/contraction as the glass so thermal changes are accounted for, but that penetration is still subject to failure if the the exterior stress applied is great enough.
    The electrical specs of the 6DJ8 and 2C51 are very similar, so similar that my guess would be that the 6DJ8 was designed
    to be a drop-in for the 2C51, which predated the 6DJ8. The critical difference is the pinout, which is just wiring.
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  6. tvnosaint
    I've got some crappy amperex in there now. The three tubes which failed or broke were all from grammpa. Two broke the other whited out and died. I paid too much for other tubes to test them in the lyr given I've list three tubes. Got some Russians on the cheap coming in. One of them may be doomed. These are from nixiestore. I think you put that rec in rnros. You or Winder. Anyway. The amperes were always too metallic for my taste. Not awesome tubes. My first pair to roll. Junk 6dj8s, they were smoked by the mat nats and rockets. So I'm not losing anything that I hadn't written off. I wouldn't resell those tubes or use the seller that sold them to me.
  7. billerb1
    Uh oh. Not good news on the grammpa tubes. I think TK, rnros and I also have a set each from him. Since I paid like nothing for them I think I'll just dump them and save myself and my amp the aggravation. rnros, yours were sounding good...TK they are the pair you've never been pleased with...and I have not put them in other than to test for tube noise since I consider them my backup pair. Weird though since they looked absolutely new. tvnosaint why don't you put another junker in that slot and see if it blows up...maybe then I'll hold onto my grammpa TS's lol.

    Edit: Oh said you have some funky Amperex's in. Let us know how they fare. This might be worth another look since things are blowing up...
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  8. TK16
    If your looking for 6DJ8 tubes shoot me a pm, I got the 2 sets in my sig and at least 3 more I want to sell. I`ll give you a discount if your interested.
  9. rnros
    If from the same seller, same batch, could be the tubes.
    The RFL 6N3P-E you have coming in from nixiestore are perfect for testing the amp, given the ridiculous price for these. There are quiet and durable, QA/QC is outstanding on these. Just also happens to be one of the great 9 pin tubes.

    At that price the tubes are not matched, I'm sure you know that, but from my experience they rarely exceed +/-10% between triodes or tubes, and most of the time closer than that. You are buying tubes that will still be sealed in the original boxes, sometimes one or two may be opened, probably to check dates, but you will be the first to use them. Listen first, make sure they sound OK, if you should find a noisy one (rare), just toss it. You can listen by ear for centered image or SPL check for balance, but I never found a problem with channel balance, centered image, or 3D presentation. (Still the best 3D soundstage I have heard from a 9 pin tube. No offense to the TS, which is #2 on my rig.)

    Edit: Try them in the DAC, fantastic low end detail... Yes the slam is there, but with detail!
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  10. TK16
    @billerb1 the used pair is the 1 I am happy with, grampa`s pair think it needs more burn in. Both pairs sounded equally awful to start. Still waiting on my short adapters for my dac. 46 hour straight burn in on your Bendix and the high end glare is still there seems a little less than yesterday. I really hope burn in helps the harshness as it is the achilles heel right now, but everything else is fantastic. Got my single Bendix from Sammy, hoping Friday for the other, says Saturday. Will continue to burn in til then.
  11. billerb1
    Thanks TK. Yeah I knew the grammpa pair was not your favorite. Fingers crossed for the Bendix. From what I've read and the bit that I've listened to, you might end up being right on the Achilles heel. Let's hope not. A little less high end glare and a touch more beef and those could be the class of the bunch. You're the Master of Disaster...let us know the results of the
    Great Bendix Burn.
  12. TK16
    Think the grampa set needs more hours. Both pairs sound very similar to start. If not that was cheap anyways. I traded 1 set to Sammy, hopefully his turn out good.
  13. tvnosaint
    The TS sounded great, they didn't light up much but the sound was great in the dac. I only gave them a cursory listen in the lyr. They burned for two hours. In the am I discovered they objected to the situation and committed suicide. Or one channel inflicted a death blow on the other. I've ordered the pair from Orlando . Cuz I really like the presentation for everyday listening. The we are so warm. The ge are so upfront. This porridge...
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  14. tvnosaint
    Thanks TK, I've got tons of 6dj8s etc. I should've been actively selling for at least a year. I've sold some ,a sucker named guidosumpin.
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  15. TK16
    Anyone else here own the Bendix 2C51 or owned it? If so does the harshness in treble go away with burn in?
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