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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. AuditoryCanvas
    Speaking of milk cartons, anyone heard from @ThurstonX lately?
  2. TK16
    No have not heard from Sammy either , hope everything is ok with them.
  3. billerb1
    Sammy's fine. Doin' some preachin', some cat herding. You know, the usual.
    As far as Tony goes, you're going to have to check in with his monkey.
  4. fotomeow
    HAM. going hard as a mudderfukker

    The Italian FACTORY RADIOELECTRIC VALVES (FIVRE) started the regular production of thermal valves at the Pavia plant. Fivre was the largest all-Italian company, founded in 1932 by Magneti Marelli to produce vacuum tubes under licence for the American RCA group.

    By installing, in addition to the conventional types, American factory machines with Italian manpower (coming from a light bulb factory) and with the assistance of American company technicians, a brand new series of 11 valves corresponding to American ones was produced and launched: 24A, 27, 35, 45, 55, 56, 57, 58 and 82 mercury vapor rectifiers.

    An agreement was also made for the marketing of RADIOTRON and CUNNINGHAM and TUNGSRAM valves.

    Well, Duh!
  5. fotomeow
    Good, cuz BrentJesse has them for $500 a pair (you don’t need to eat this month do ya?)

    He also reports the ECC801s’ demand more $$$ due to rare-ability (I think I’m channeling W’s Bush-isms). But that the E81CCs are just as good, but more common, so cost less.

    From his website,
    E81CC or ECC801S:
    This is a rare tube, usually found only in the Telefunken or Siemens brand. The ECC801S even look different from standard 12AT7 or ECC81 tubes because they are the frame grid type. The internal grid is wound around a tiny frame inside the plate structure, and these are triple mica tubes as well. These tubes have been screened for audio use and low noise, and have a 10,000 hr. rated life on the heater. The ECC801S are by far the rarest, and the E81CC only a little more common. Both are excellent, low noise, finely crafted tubes, with the E81CC being the best value currently when compared to the recent spiraling rise in the ECC801S prices. They are both rare, but if you find some they may well be the last 12AT7 tube you will ever need to buy!

    Just “his” 2cents
  6. billerb1
    I've owned and heard both. My 2 cents is that the ECC801S is a whole different ballgame. But, hey, what do I know ??
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2019
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  7. AuditoryCanvas
    100% agree with that. I'd say the 50s angled getter ECC81 are about 80% of the ECC801s, the later, normal getter ECC81s about 60-70%.

    Differences to me are mainly detail separation, resolve, and top end smoothness.
  8. TK16
    Brent is a saleman, if you cannot afford the Tele801s, he wants you to buy cheaper that are "just as good".
  9. fotomeow
    Now, you realize that asking a question like that is bound to have some idiot answer you ....
  10. billerb1
    I am hunkered down for the onslaught. But seriously, on my gear, the ECC81's just give you a really nice hint of what
    the Ecc801S's actually deliver.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
  11. TK16
    Does anybody have experience with the Tele early 60's smooth plate ECC82 and the Tele801s? Differences?
  12. jb77
    How is it going gentleman

    New to this thread been hanging out over in the LP tube rolling thread with TK16, I have a MJ2 on order and wanted to introduce myself, get to know this tube rolling family, and gain/share information on tube rolling on the MJ2. Started reading this thread yesterday, started reading from page 1241 getting some good information from everyone about good 12at7 tubes to try. @TK16 has been a tremendous help for me on the LP rolling thread, helping me pick out some great 12au7 tubes etc. Looking forward to trying the MJ2 and getting some good 12at7 etc. tubes!
    TK16 likes this.
  13. TK16
    You freely admit you do not own an original Lyr? Sorry but you are not allowed to post in this thread!

    Seriously what a cluster fukc in the LP threads, got scolded by Alex for saying you can use PCC88 tubes in the LP. That was my last post there.
    jb77 likes this.
  14. jb77
    Yep I admit I don’t have a original Lyr, I do however have a Jot. Lol I guess I’ll just have to go back to the LP thread and get harassed for for wanting to use 7DJ8 tubes in the LP not to mention the dreaded Adapter Tubes! Lol

    No kidding couldn’t agree more and he seriously did get “scolded” for mentioning PCC88 tubes.
  15. TK16
    @jb77 made the mistake of asking my opinion on a couple sets of tubes, after about 20 pairs of tubes and a new MJ2 he wound up here.
    Where are you at bro reading the thread? If you go back about another year from where you started, you will be at the 396A,2C51, 5670 revolution. Highlights from that are the Foton and Reflektor 6N3P 2x and 3x mica, Western Electric 396A, TS 2C51, Tesla 6CC41 D getters. If you see any 50's Tesla 6CC41 D getters grab them. These are as good or bit better than the Foton 6N3P. Tesla 6CC41 and Russian 6N2P do not need an adapter. Though I did not like the 6N2P nearly as much as the 6N3P.
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2019
    jb77 likes this.

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