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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. koover
  2. TK16
    I'm jelly now, my AT7's are 55 to 57.
  3. kolkoo
    Yeah I went ham on the 12at7s, I have a pair for 1953 Mitchams as well... but I couldn't get in on the 12au7s that much due to going too ham and the big price..
    I only have two pairs of early 50s 12au7 (1953/1955 Black plate Fivre square and 1956 gray plate fivre square).
  4. TK16
    Saw that link already, grabbed a pair of the Siemens chrome plates after reading it, those are fantastic as well.
  5. billerb1
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  6. mattrudy80
    After listening with 4 or 5 different 12AU7/AT7 pairs, wow, these handle multiple genres of music better than any other family of tubes I've tried. I guess I've found another rabbit hole to go down...:smile_phones:
  7. TK16
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  8. AuditoryCanvas
    Both are probably better than a pair of beats...
  9. AuditoryCanvas
    Right, just make sure the get the long plate ones. Easiest way to spot the difference is the bigger gap between the 2 holes on both sides of the plates.
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  10. AuditoryCanvas
    Grab a pair of RCA side getters for less than $30, probably the biggest bargain for 12AU7 - nice warm sig and fun to listen to, not as detailed as the Valvo etc, but great for certain genres and moods.

    Telefunken ECC82 smooth plates are worth grabbing if you find a good pair around $150. Great soundstage and separation.

    Valvo ECC82 long plate, angled O getter are nice, as TK mentioned.

    Also great, and close in spec are the Telefunken 6211 gold pin, they occasionally pop up on ebay from a UK seller for less than $200 a pair. Quite forward around 10khz, which works really well for strings and vocal.
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  11. TK16
  12. AuditoryCanvas
    Haha, wondered why I was getting funny looks in the supermarket.

    Just been dealing with chaos. Upside is that I haven't been on ebay for a month...saved a bloody fortune :beyersmile:
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  13. TK16
    Just picked up a pair of Heerlen 7316 D getter from eBay yesterday, these supposed to be the cats meow. Those chrome plate Siemens are quite excellent if you have not heard them yet. Still not recommending Mullard UK tubes? Did UK revoke your citizenship or something?
  14. AuditoryCanvas
    I'm still mad at the Brexit bullsh1t. :dt880smile:
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  15. AuditoryCanvas
    The Siemens have been on my list for the past year. I'll grab a pair this month.
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