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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. dmckean44
    Just reread the Amazon chapter and thought I'd offer one tip. You should fill out the "From the Manufacturer" section with the same amount of ad copy as the products have on the Schiit website itself.  There's a lot of people that completely research products like TVs, laptops and audio equipment without ever even leaving the Amazon website.
  2. bigro
    If you are having an issue with the volume on the the Magni 2, are you using it with the Gain switch on High ?
    Volume Control issues aside, If you want a Tube amp you can get a Vali 2 and a SYS. When you want tube run the Vali 2 when you don't switch to the Magni. Both are over $100 less than Buying the Saga and can possibly fit your needs. I have Both Amps and they are both good I prefer the Vali 2 with my cans though. As Franzdom Said The Saga should work but IMHO in may not be the best solution Unless you have a lot of sources or really need the remote there are other options. Also At $349 You can Get a Valhalla 2 and have a full OTL Tube amp too.
  3. jnak00
    I'm using the Magni on low gain.  Yeah I'm leaning towards Vali 2 and SYS, I think the Saga is overkill for what I need.  It's just a lot of Schiit boxes on my desk if I have Mimby, Sys, Magni, and Vali but I guess they would stack nicely.
  4. bigro

     I used that setup with a Vali 1. The form factor is small enough where it was not a big deal. Once I got the Vali 2. I Liked it so much I stuck with it and the Modi 2 Uber The Magni 2 Uber and Sys have been moved of the desk and re purposed. Not Saying Magni 2 is a bad amp. Just personal Preference.
    Another Option is to see if you can find a meet where you can maybe try a Vali 2. Its Not a squishy tubey sound people think tubes have. Especially since it is a hybrid. At the Nashville meet there where a lot of people that were impressed by this little wonder. It drove just about everything plugged into it and some people came back multiple times with different cans in hand spending some good time with it. rmoody gave it a run with his Ether C's and I almost did not get it back.
  5. jgreen16
    I'm still kicking myself for selling my Pioneer Spec system on fleabay a decade or so ago, but still love having a 2-channel system in addition to headphone setups. I definitely plan on grabbing a Saga, but will wait until I can get the Vidar at the same time. I'm currently using a Sansui AU-717 integrated amp (circa late '70's), which will get finished basement duty once I get the Schiit setup in place.
    And, like Bigro, I also have a dog who loves some great tunes via headphone. I switched my avatar recently to show him listening in spring of '14 to some Jeff Beck!
  6. franzdom
    I am upgrading basic computer speakers to Adam Audio A3X & S7 (active A/B).
    To aid my sanity I generated a one-line diagram of the layout. There are obviously a couple different ways it can be layed out.
    Since it is almost all Schiit based I chose to post it here.
    One thing I am considering is routing XLR to the Adam speakers as an option. I don't know if they accept dual input though.
    Using speakers I can either send digital audio through pre-amp tubes or more direct if I don't want to turn the amp on.
    Turntable always requires the Mjolnir on.
    I had at one point used Y-splitters from Mani to Sys & Mjolnir instead of feeding the Sys from the Mani, but then I can't apply tubes to the speakers. 
    Yggy stays on, the other items are on iHome smart outlets and can be controlled with Siri.
    Headphones are usually plugged into Jotunheim unless I need 2 pr then also Mjolnir.
    Please comment!
  7. watchnerd
    I would have put the MJ2 after the Jotunheim so I could reduce the signal path when listening to speakers.
  8. franzdom
    Speakers are right now Sys from MJ2 not through Jot. The problem is MJ2 & Jot only have one balanced preamp output so I was contemplating balanced speakers, that would have to go through the Jot unless I eliminate it. 
    I am not going to put Jot in front of MJ2, the whole point of running them in serial is to try the Jot as an amp and the MJ2 as a preamp. So far I have been enjoying that.
    The balanced lines from Jot to speakers is not in place now, it's only a thought; thus the question mark.
  9. watchnerd
    But you've basically got 2 components that have the same functions: headphone amp and preamp with XLR out.
    Why have 2?
  10. franzdom
    I don't know, I just wanted to try Jotunheim. And I love tubes. And, sometimes I have a need for 2 headphones and both are balanced. If the MJ2 had 2 XLR preamp outputs I certainly wouldn't put the speaker XLR through the Jot. Heck, I don't even know if I can do it at all, as I have to have RCA going to the speakers, as that's what I get from Mani and SYS. Unless I want to have the MJ2 on all the time, which may not be ideal. It's complicated thinking through this stuff! The visual chart helps my thought processes. Perhaps I should ditch the SYS & the Jot, KISS. 
    EDIT: just remembered why I love the SYS, I do NOT like having to unplug my headphones in order to mute them. It's nice being able to just turn the Jot off or turn it's volume down. So likely what is going to happen is...no balanced to the speakers unless I get a Freya to replace the SYS. 
  11. bigro
    I am with you HP's are great but I have always had 2 ch and some old gear too.
    Your Pup Looks Awesome. We will Start a movement of Headphone Wearing Dogs. I Don't think I mentioned it But His Name is Thor. 
  12. bigro
    I think you should try the Balanced output of the Sub into the speakers. I have read the MB Dacs sound better using balanced. if you got it use it, Then you should be able to Ditch the SYS. Like watchnerd the 2 HP amps inline is a little unconventional and puzzling, Personally I would have used something like the JBL Mpatch 2. for Balanced switching I am not sure what functionality the freya will add at this point as the MoJo or Jotunheim will let you switch between Your Mani and Yggy. If it had multiple Balanced outs It would help you but I don't believe it does.
  13. franzdom
    That is a good tip. I think for now I will keep the SYS in the game so I don't always have to have my amps on when listening to speakers. 
    I don't get to try this out until Christmas, that's when I add the new speakers to the mix. Everything else is in place so I can't complain.
  14. watchnerd
    Or just get an XLR switch.
  15. KoshNaranek

    His name is Thor? My what a coincidence!

    I'm sorry, but this is obviously a blatant attempt to curry favor with Jason and an to increase your reputation points.

    Just Kidding, I am just jealous because my wife is allergic to dogs and I cannot have one.
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