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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
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  1. wink
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  2. johnjen
    I've been waiting to see when these would start appearing on the boards.
  3. numbercube
    I would put the remote next to the Saga in the first picture. Cause some people just don't read.
  4. Marshall Hance

    I do read. Owner's manual doesn't say that the remote is in the box. Just one saga, one power cord, and zero stick on feet.
  5. franzdom
    As long as we're proofreading, the Yggy manual pg 7 has the VCO/VCXO Indicator as #5, should call it out as #6.
  6. FLTWS
    Page 7 item 4. Input Select of the Yggy in the manual lists (from left to right?):  USB, AES/EBU, BNC, Coax, Toslink.
    From Left to Right the front of my unit is: USB, Toslink, Coax, BNC, AES/EBU.
    From Left to Right on the rear panel is also: USB, Toslink, Coax, BNC, AES/EBU
  7. KoshNaranek
    Have ordered the Saga for my father and look forward to playing with it prior to giving it to him.

    Any word on the second set of first articles for Freya?
  8. nojwe
    Looking forward to making this part of my first 2 channel setup! 
    Jason, I'm sorry if I missed this in one of your posts, but why did you use screws on the Freya and Saga as opposed to the internal fasteners on the Jot? Just curious about the design choices. Thanks!
  9. jnak00
    If I understand the Saga correctly, I can put it between my Mimby and Magni 2 Uber, and use it in passive mode as a volume attentuator, or fire up the tube and essentially turn my Magni into a tube amp?  Probably overkill for this, but can it be used this way?
    Reason I ask is I'm thinking of getting a SYS between my Mimby and Magni so I can drop the input volume to the Magni.  Right now, I have to turn the volume on my computer to about 50% in order to run the Magni at a comfortable volume, but above the channel imbalance that kicks in at the bottom of the volume knob.  I am also thinking of trying a tube amp when my HD6XXs show up, so I thought a Saga might achieve both these needs with one device.
  10. franzdom
    It will do what you are asking but it's technically not an amp, you would still use the Magni as the amp and leave it's volume at a higher setting, using Saga to lower the volume to the proper level. As for the tube question, the majority of the tube effect is in the preamp so you will not be driving your whole volume range with tube but you will be experiencing a tube sound.
  11. jnak00
    Yes, I know I would still have to use the Magni.  Just wasn't sure if using it this way would result in a tube-y sound or not.
  12. AviP
    I use this exact configuration between my Mimby and Vali 2 for the exact same reason.
  13. spkalka
    Does the Saga ship a tube? Will Schiit offer tubes for the Saga and Freya or should we go ahead and source tubes on our own? I did not see an option with /without on the website.
  14. KoshNaranek

    Schiips with a Russian tube.
  15. drleomarvin
    ok... I know this is a similar scenario, but I just want to get my brain onboard.  I have a gumby and a liquid carbon 2.0.  If I it put a Freya between the two, I will essentially have a remote volume control for the liquid carbon in passive mode, yes? 
    If I activate the tube on the Freya, it will add tube sound to the carbon, but not to the extent of having say a Valhalla 2? 
    How loud would I have to put the volume on the liquid carbon to get range out of the remote volume? 
    And Lastly, I would want the digital volume control at the source (MacBook) at 100 percent?  My brain thanks you for your replys in advance...
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