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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. judson_w
    I have a bit of a silly question. Since the Schiit headphone amps all have preamp outs, has anyone tried one with a Vidar or Aegir? I am amused at the thought of a Magni feeding a Vidar, but then I look at my Valhalla and wonder... I really do not need it, though I occasionally toy with pursuing a solid state option for the purposes of running something cooler (temperature) than tubes.
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  2. Rensek
    I fed my Vidar via Magni some this winter.

    It worked well enough, nearfield listening, in my office. Magni has gain, so even at an early position on the pot, Vidar gets loud fast.
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  3. Dana Reed
    When I first got my Vidar, I used a Magni preouts to get more gain as I wasn’t getting enough with Saga, and it worked fine. Later I got another Vidar and used Jot to feed them until I got a Freya with LISST.
  4. PioBeer
    for pure sound quality how close does Magni 3 come to Freya w/LISST? (or Saga or freya in JFET mode)
  5. Robert Padgett
    I have set-up a review of this, just awaiting the loaner Aegir from Schiit. I intend to use my Valhalla 2 as the Tube buffer/pre-amp and see if that will pair well on my Advents.

    I dislike the concept of a Tube Hybrid Pre-amplifier either the Saga or Freya since I love the Pure Tube sound of my Valhalla.
    We will see. If I get a GungnirMB or Yggdrasil, I would probably go with a Freya S as the pre-amp for a pair of Aegirs using Balanced from DAC to Freya and Balanced to the Monoblocks. I can use the SE outputs to the Valhalla 2 for Headphones.
  6. mp29k
    Any update on Sol and the CD transport? It feels like there has been a delay on Sol, was supposed to start shipping in March/April at initial estimate?
  7. judson_w
    Jason had provided three updates in May about the Sol. There were issues with the plinth and platter production. On May 28:

    I am not sure how long the production of usable platters takes and then the production time at Schiit to put together enough stock to launch, but the fact that we have not seen a couple other products yet means there is a little waiting still to go. (Other posts from Jason in May were May 8 where he talked about the plinth issues, and May 17 where he said plinths were good but platters were still bad)
  8. PioBeer
    What are the chances of a Schiit Cassette deck? I think would be seriously fun to record my vinyl onto some good evaporated metal cassettes. (and yes, I am being serious, lol)
  9. Robert Padgett
    I for one am holding out for the Schiit 8-track...and the Ultramax Loki with 16 bands...
  10. Derrick Swart
    Many good ones available on the interwebz for little or free pick-up
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  11. EricDH
    Is there a DRAGON in Norse mythology? In that case we have the name already.
  12. EricDH
    There has also been a delay on Mike's health. And he being the father of Sol, I wouldn't be surprised if that had some impact.
  13. EricDH
    Little or free? That's not true anymore, cassette decks are increasingly getting popular, and prices are skyrocketing. Try to find a decent secondhand Nakamichi, preferably a 3 head deck. NOT CHEAP!!! A donated my CR-4E to my son, and regretted it once I discovered what they cost nowadays.
  14. Ableza
    As long as it's 16 bands of graphic EQ with LED lights in each channel so I can see the smiling face curve in the dark.
  15. Ableza
    Cassette decks regaining popularity? Is this the latest hipster trend? They might as well eat Tide pods.

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