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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. PioBeer
    The Nakamichi's look like they are commanding serious $$$ these days
  2. Ripper2860
    Time to list my Sony Walkman Sports on eBay!! Cha-ching!!!! :wink:

  3. yonson
    I can see the resurgence of vinyl, cassettes OTOH, NFW...
  4. PioBeer
    To be honest when I was a kid I never heard an audiophile cassette deck, only the junk pictured above. On you tube there are some fantastic cassette "rips" with audiophile equipment which is piquing my interest a bit
  5. judson_w
    Cassettes are making a small resurgence. With analog making a bit of a comeback, cassettes are a cheaper and easier option for smaller and indie artists than making a vinyl release. I just picked up a tape deck from the local goodwill a couple weeks ago. It is by no means spectacular, but it does the job for my small but now slowly growing collection. I bought it because I had order an album on vinyl from bandcamp and went for the package that came with a cassette EP and I really wanted a means for listening to it.
  6. Gazny
    I tired to pick up a cassette deck to match my Schiit but it is hard to find one at the right place. The last one I picked up had a bad uptake wheel and just spooled tape all over the place.
    Anyone have an idea of a Casste deck that would look good next to some Shiit?
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  7. saddleup
    Nakamichi cassette decks demand a high price because it's been 20 years since a good one has been manufactured more than because there is a 'resurgence' in deck sales.
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  8. Rensek
    So in my experience older cassette tapes regularly get "eaten". Is this because of bad tape or bad players?
  9. Ableza
    Yes, both. Plus it is just a characteristic of the format. Cassettes suck. Big time. And I say this as a former owner of a Nakamichi Dragon and also of several Tascam pro decks. Cassettes should stay in the dustbin of history.
  10. Zer0.p0int.Zer0
    I think this high end model from Radio Shack pairs particularly well with Freya S. There is something magical about the mono signal when split to “stereo”. Also very clean power supply using alkaline C cells.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  11. judson_w
    Here is the tape deck I picked up from the Goodwill. It was cheap and plays well. Better than what I had (which was not much).

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  12. Ripper2860
    Since we are sharing... :wink:

  13. barondla
    A friend sent his Grado 1000 headphones in and Grado rewired them for balanced playback. It wasn't very expensive but took some time. Grado is a small company.
  14. EricDH
    Look for prices of a Nakamichi Dragon or CR-7 (or even a ZX-7) on Audiogon or Hifishark. You would be surprised.
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  15. PioBeer
    somewhere inside of me there is an audiophile snob that very much likes the fact that the signal stays analog when I record from vinyl over to cassette. No AD conversion required. This thought releases a great deal of endorphins I reckon.
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