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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Rensek
    Question, have you swapped cables ? Left to right and right to left to make sure it's isolated to rag?
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  2. Alcophone
    Good question. You had me worried that Yggy is the issue, since I don't normally use its balanced out at the moment. :scream:
    So I tried Yggy into Jotunheim with the same cables that the issue happened with, no problem.
    Then I tried Rag 2 without speakers connected, just headphones, and no source, in a different power strip than before. On every input, the buzz occurs. So it's absolutely confined to Rag 2.
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  3. rkw
    I agree completely. The gain button and gain indicator need to be next to each other. Ergonomically, it is the only arrangement that makes sense.

    Toggle switches would look awesome. Momentary contact, spring loaded return-to-center toggle switches would be compatible. Traditional mechanical contact toggle switches wouldn't work.
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  4. Alcophone
    I'm definitely curious about the thinking behind this. I thought maybe the reasoning was that putting the gain indicator close to the outputs would allow you to see that the gain is high and be careful, while putting the button further away makes it less likely to get pressed accidentally while inserting a pair of headphones.

    An arrangement like
    instead of
    may also have helped.

  5. yonson
    I'm holding off for 2020/2021 when the doublesized Aegir/Vidar monoblocks come out...
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  6. ScubaMan2017
    lucky-bastard-python.jpg :)
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  7. IndieGradoFan
    I wonder if this is intentional or a mistake, maybe something super simple in assembly? Using SE preouts to a sub is a really common use case and I can't think of many use cases where you'd want preouts active with headphones -- in fact, some Schiit headphone amps used to mute preamp outs when headphones were plugged in IIRC. Looking forward to hearing if someone else's Rag 2 works differently.
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  8. Snowpuppy77
    Thank you for those pics and videos. I think the Ragnarok 2 looks really nice. I trust you will get your issue resolved. Listening to Telarc Digital orchestral music right now on my Ragnarok 1 and sounds great. An improved version must be very special indeed.
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  9. rkw
    fixed it
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  10. cishida
    the saga s is really rather great. It is transparent and allows the greatness of the connected Bimby shine through. It is the best sounding preamp I’ve heard. I have owned a couple of parasound preamps (p5 and zpre) and a few integrated amps by Yamaha.
    Yes, preamps matter, like everything else in your chain.
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  11. johnjen
    I agree that a 'great' pre-amp can make a remarkable difference to the overall SQ of the system.

    We threw together a single gain stage pre-amp in an afternoon and it blew us away.
    We used parts bin xfmrs, 2) 26 single triode tubes, and 6 'D' cell batteries to power each filament.
    We went to target and bought $8 rca cable sets for the input and output.
    It just opened up everything it was connected to, including my Rok amp.

    I've nicknamed it the CBB-26 to distinguish it from the HPre-amp which is a multi-purpose HP and pre-amp all in one.
    I was going to use the HPre-amp as my main pre-amp to drive my 45 amp, but the CBB-26 just blew it away.

    And it will be an interesting to compare these 2 pre-amps back to back, as they each use different sets of tubes, let alone different designs for the remaining circuits as well.

    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
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  12. Alcophone
    You wouldn't happen to have pictures of this creation of yours?
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  13. Xcalibur255
    Not nearly enough audio products use toggle switches anymore. There is something truly satisfying about flicking a quality metal toggle switch up or down. The tactile feel is so much better than push buttons, and they visually indicate their operating state more clearly than buttons do too.

    Better still:

    Toggles with an LED embedded in the tip. :) These are used mostly in aviation.
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  14. johnjen
    Yeah I'll post a pic or 3, but then all of my credibility would be called into question.


    Because CBB stands for CardBoard Box, as in we used a USPS shipping box to house the innerds.
    And as a proof of performance prototype it worked out extremely well, not to mention the 'shock value' of walking into a headfi meet with a cardboard box, which when unfolded turns into a kick-ass pre-amp.

    To wit the CBB-26 in all its glory.
    The beauty shot in transport mode…
    CBB-26 as box.jpg

    The innerds
    CBB-26 innerds.jpg

    And all tubed up and ready to rock.
    CBB-26 ready to go.jpg

    Yeah its missing a few things at this stage, like volume controls, filament power, an on/off switch and better than the cheapest rca wire sets we could find just before closing at Target.

    And you should have seen the battery packs of 6) D cells all taped together using aluminum foil to make the connection for the 1.5vdc to power the tubes using test leads with alligator clips.
    They, as you might suspect, didn't last very long, like 1-2 hrs before the voltage drop was outside of the 'acceptable' operational window.

    But we both just sat there with our minds blown, our mouths agape, struggling to understand how such a slap dash parts bin assortment of various parts could deliver SQ rivaling the very best we had EVER heard.

    We figured dumb luck, that, or cardboard has magical properties we never suspected.

    And since it truly blew our minds we are now hot on the trail of dialing in this design.
    It'll have TVC's (Transformer Volume Controls) tweako regulation for both the filaments and B+, not to mention an ultra quiet bias circuit.

    We are still up in the air about keeping the cardboard box though.

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  15. yonson
    That's just AWESOME, bravo!!!!

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