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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. belgiangenius
    That's a bizarre comparison.

    But if you'd like my rationale: tubes are a consumable peripheral, one for which most serious hobbyists (i.e., like Freya customers) would have strong preferences for. They are also very expensive. So probably 10% + of the cost of that Freya is the tubes.

    Many Freya customers probably have a box full of tubes. Many Freya+ customers probably have the original Freya and the same damned tubes Freya + comes with.

    Mine are all unused now because I don't like those Tungsols.

    I thought it was a reasonable request. I would have no hard feelings if the company would decline the request with such a response. That didn't happen.
  2. Ableza
    You are assuming that the power for the tubes is independent of other functions in the device. AND that there would be physical room for the necessary relays in Saga. Neither of which are good assumptions, based on what Jason Stoddard wrote.

    I recommend simply not using super expensive tubes in it, or accepting that they might fail sooner than expected if you do. Audio is all about trade offs and compromises.
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  3. Derrick Swart
    Your question is very valid and actually they could offer a tubeless tube amp in the thunderdome to see how your proposal goes. Question of course is the pricing (matched quad is 120 bucks) 779 is 180 higher than the Freya S with less functionality (for those that do not have tubes yet). I just wanted to point out that asking before click and pay probably would be a better option.
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  4. dieslemat
    Hello folks,
    Anyone else had this weird double pre authorization on their credit card from Schiit or any other merchant before?

    Disclaimer: i already emailed Schiit yesterday and they promptly replied (a few times and with great courtesy) on what they saw on their end but i’d like to know if anyone else had this. Please feel free to pm me.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
  5. Ableza
    If it was my company I would never sell a device that was not functional as shipped. But that's just me.
  6. Derrick Swart
    does it need tubes to function? Or do the passive and differential buffer stage work when tubes are out? (like new option: tubes turned-off)
  7. Ableza
    I don't know, but my comment remains my opinion, along with my earlier comment that if it was an option the company wanted to offer I suspect they would. If you own a Freya take the tubes out and see if it functions.
  8. ThorCorps
    Wanted to share a few quick observations... Received a Freya S late Monday.

    I swapped it in place of my existing Freya (octal LISST) in my main 2-channel system and have been running it in Nexus +1 mode. It sounds at least as good as my original Freya (which is currently replacing a SYS in my bedroom setup, so now I have remote volume control in that single-ended system). I haven't done any direct A/B comparisons and don't really intend to.

    The system where the Freya S is uses a Squeezebox Receiver as primary source (lossless rips) to Gumby balanced to Freya S balanced to Emotiva XPR-1's to Swans F2.2F speakers.

    The light tubes are probably about half as bright as the old LED method. Or, you could consider it more like a color temperature change from 5000K to more like 3000K. Not nearly as harsh.

    Now that the volume control tracks with the remote, each up/down on the remote changes the volume about 4 clicks (of the 128-steps). So, maybe you don't have quite as much control as with the original remote/volume control method, but I'm happy with roughly 4-steps per up/down.

    Overall, very pleased with the new Freya S (Thanks for the option, Jason!)
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  9. purehifi192
    A precedent was set with shipping original Freya without tubes and that was for a device that required tubes more so than the "+". Not offering this option on the newer model is totally within Schiit's rights, of course, but an explanation would be welcome by Jason or the person handling the order. That's not asking too much.
  10. mp29k
    I think a slightly more apt metaphor would be if you bought 1KG of oranges, and asked them to remove the peel and give you a discount.
  11. belgiangenius
    Well, I would've ordered it regardless, so....
  12. belgiangenius
    Why don't we go in whole-hogg and say it's like asking your liquor store to distill the water out of the whiskey?? :beyersmile:
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  13. Paladin79
    I will receive a Freya + tomorrow and will compare it to the original Freya if I get time.
  14. RCBinTN
    Hey, what's up Tom? Haven't seen you around much lately.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
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  15. Paladin79
    I have been busy with speaker amps and DIY audio projects so I am on other threads more, when I do get some free time. I prefer the tube sound so I spend less and less time with solid state devices. It is probably just a phase, but it is the phase I am in. :smile_phones: tube gear.jpg
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019

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