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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. dieslemat
    I actually find it weird for someone to request to remove something and get a lower price. What’s next? Someone asking for Schiit to not ship the power cable and a reduced price because they have their own ?
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  2. judson_w
    I admit I am still working on building up my electrical engineering understanding, but I look at this comment from Jason about turning off the tubes:

    You may have a better understanding of this than me, but it seems they tried simple, found issues with it, and their work around was a bit more involved.
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  3. jnak00
    I could see that. Those of us with a Cthulu may not need the wall wart. I'm not saying Schiit should do that, just that it's not such a crazy suggestion.
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  4. Robert Padgett
    I am sorry that you feel this way.
    As others have pointed out, typically a $300 tube on a $299 preamplifier seems rather ridiculous, in and of itself.
    My suggestion would be Vali 2 for $149. It is also a tube hybrid, and appears, at least to my ears, to showcase the differences between tubes--if that is the objective.

    As I explained, Jason said it was a difficult implementation, but anything is possible with a boutique tube amplifier builder whose objectives are different than building $300 preamplifiers.
    Personally, I think there is much hype about rare vintage tubes, like the Melz 1578--which many say is the best sounding tube in that class-- but alas, they only pay $100 each for those.

    I am a Schiit customer because they build Cheap gear, so it should not surprise that I would rather have a matched pair of new production tubes, which sell for $10 each, and if they burn out in 7 months, I will just buy another set.
    Of the rare and expensive tubes I have heard, I quite frankly think the differences are quite nuanced and doubt if they could be picked out from brand new production tubes in a blind test. YMMV

    Oh, BTW, Bob Backert built a custom pre-amp for my friend, in which he installed a generic German 12AU7. That Pre-amp has been powered up and operational 24/7/365 for the past seven years, (61,320 hours approximately) and I finally convinced him to buy a replacement tube, should the original finally die. It still sounded very sweet when I reviewed his $200,000 system.

    You might contact him about a preamplifier that would better serve your needs. http://backertlabs.com/about-us/
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
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  5. Ableza
    Asking a company to ship custom versions of something "leaving out" included components with the expectation of lowered price is, well, a bit pie in the sky if you ask me. If it was an option they wanted to offer I suspect they would. Asking for something special is not likely to happen and would cost Schiit more to provide. So buy the gear and if you decide not to use part of what comes with it, put it aside for later in case you need it. I have a whole basket full of unused remote controls because I prefer universals, and I have a stash of OEM tubes because I rolled to something else... it's called just a normal part of this hobby.
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  6. Robert Padgett
    The wall wort power supplies that come with Schiit gear is seemingly the only part imported from Asia. I bet that Jason buys them very cheap, and by the container full. It would probably be more trouble to remove the wall wort, and reduce your invoice by 25 cents, meaning increased labor cost would offset the savings of them not shipping you one of the least expensive items on the bill of materials. (Full disclosure--I have no idea what a wall wort, bought by the shipping container from China costs, but if an American company decided to produce wall wort which were better and even close to reasonable, Schiit would have included them instead...)
  7. Mike-WI
    I was out of town and finally got back to work where my repaired Ragnarok was delivered.
    They replaced the main board and ribbon cables.

    I was listening to my little FiiO A1 interim setup until I could pull out the XLR cables for re-integrating the Ragnarok.
    I didn't do a A/B testing or sound level match, but I could tell the Rag sounded much better (also using XLR instead of SE through Magni).
    Highs more crips, lows full and authoritative.
    I am still impressed by that little FiiO A1 desktop amp, but it is not a Ragnarok.

    I thought (and am thinking) about a Freya+ and amps, but may be too much for a desk setup to be reasonable.
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  8. belgiangenius
    That attitude can be a very long and narrow tunnel.
  9. dieslemat
    How so?
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  10. belgiangenius
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  11. 33na3rd
    How is your Freya S coming along, any more impressions that you can share with us?
  12. Derrick Swart
    I sincerely wanted to know why it was weird in the genius mind.
    I see it like this: I pay and click for something with tubes and after I am asking if the tubes can be left out and the price reduced ... So I pay for 1KG of oranges and after I request to take out 200 grams and refund me. Most likely there is no response from the orange seller just a jaw dropping face scene. Ask beforehand and you know what you are up to, i'd say.
  13. porchwizard
    I don't know if it's a a factor in switching tubes off (@Jason Stoddard didn't mention it) but switching high voltage DC (under load at least) is trickier than AC as it has a strong tendency to create and maintain an arc. Special switches are required to break / prevent the arc. With AC the arc naturally breaks at the null crossing.
  14. audionics
    Maybe the current design of the Saga+ gives extra problems when switching the tube power, but all tube power amps switch on and off by switching the primary transformer power.
    I thought switching to passive mode meant to interrupt all leads going to the tube/ input and output...
    Maybe this is not done in the Saga+?

    However i can understand the need to avoid a switching click and to mute the output first.
    The remark about the grid DC anomaliesI do not understand because if you switch the DC power of filament and anode the tube has not power and therefore can not generate DC voltage on the grid.
    Switching the transformer might however.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2019
  15. porchwizard
    This seems to be a bit of a Reductio ad absurdum argument given that the tubes are a much larger proportion of the price.
    On the one hand one can understand Schiit not wanting to complicate their shipping and not wanting to ship an incomplete non-working product, opening themselves up for more support calls.
    On the other hand, if no one asks for it how will they know the demand for it.
    And finally, @belgiangenius, was commenting on the lack of a response to the request more than anything else.
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