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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Snowpuppy77
    Has anyone ever compared the Schiit Mani to the phonostage module on a MM cartridge? Would appreciate impressions. If I get a Ragnarok 2 I am thinking about getting the phono module and putting the Mani in a separate system. I would not do that however if the Mani will sound better with a MM cartridge than the phono module.
  2. porchwizard
    Other things you can do with a tractor...
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  3. Derrick Swart
    that tractor needs THE GADGET to get in tune:deadhorse:
  4. thebkt
    I would 100% own a Saga right now if it had a bit more versatility in regards to powering on/off. If it had power on the remote and a standby mode that would switch on with an audio signal (eg. turn my TV on and sound comes out), then I'd be a Saga owner.

    I'm aware there are compromises involved with including solutions like that, but a product with that additional functionality would easily be a (relatively) cheap powerhouse.
  5. Ableza
    Any of their preamps plus a Mani gets you there.
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  6. Pedro Janeiro
    Thanks @Ableza. I know, and that probably will be my choice, but if theres any option without Mani and less cables i would prefer that.
    Do you already tried Jotunheim as pre amp, its good?

    thank you
  7. rkw
    "phonostage module" is a generic term. Are you asking about a specific phono preamp from a particular manufacturer?
  8. Snowpuppy77
    I am referring to the Schiit phono module that goes into the Lyr 3, Jotunheim, and likely the Rangnarok 2:

    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
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  9. Derrick Swart
    i think he means the -passive RIAA balanced phono module- from Schiit Audio
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  10. Derrick Swart
    my guess the Mani is better (also as in more flexible) and cheaper. If you don't like the small box, put/hide it behind your amp
  11. Snowpuppy77
    Yes the Mani is cheaper and more flexible and I currently own one and use it for the Ragnarok. Plan to upgrade to the Ragnarok 2 and put the Mani into another system. Rather than get a second Mani I may just get the phono module for Ragnarok 2. I do not plan to use MC cartridge so do not need that functionality on the Mani. I have a hunch that the phono module may sound better than the Mani with a MM cartridge for two reason. One is that there is no need for an extra interconnect and the extra contacts. The other is the noise level. The wal wart power supply that comes with the Mani is not very good and the noise level of the Mani seems high to me. Perhaps using the internal power supply of the Ragnarok 2 would be better in terms of noise.

    Which is why I am wondering if any one has compared the Schiit Mani with the Schiit phono module.
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  12. Seret
    Pedro Janeiro asked:
    "Anyone here knows if the Jotunheim is as good as pre amp, compared to dedicated schiit pre amps?"

    From a Darko review of the Saga Classic and the Vidar (https://darko.audio/2017/11/schiit-vidarsaga-an-affordable-care-act-for-loudspeakers/):
    "in delivering more of a polished windowed vibe to take the listener further inside Tom Waits’ Mule Variations, the Saga aces the Jotunheim as Vidar partner. No contest."

    I had been using a Magni 3 as a preamp for the past 8 months until the Saga S arrived on Thursday. The Saga S is definitely superior with a greater soundstage and better imaging.
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  13. Ableza
    I have not used a Jotunheim, sorry.
  14. Seret
    I have a question regarding the Saga: What is considered to be a "long cable?"

    From the Saga description: "Go ahead. Run Saga S in passive mode for a convenient remote-controlled passive preamp that’s ideal for many systems. If you need to drive long cables, switch it to the discrete, DC-coupled JFET buffer mode."

    I need to use a 10 foot cable from the Saga S to my power amp. By Schiit's definition, Is that a long cable?
  15. Ableza
    10 feet? No. 10 meters? Yes.

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