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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. johnjen
    I have known dogs who just love cats… :ksc75smile:

    Like the farside cartoon sez…


  2. Timster
    Yeah, you'd think so. But it's not that bad.
    The bigger hounds (and for sure Wolfhounds) are generally quite lazy and would rather lie around the house than exercise. So once they have stopped growing the food bill drops away quite a lot.
    Of course if they are working or exercising hard everyday, YMMV
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  3. sam6550a
    Is Jack related to Millie Ampere?
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  4. jimmers
    There is a potential relationship :thinking:
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  5. sam6550a
    I understand that her family exhibited some resistance.
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  6. Porteroso
    I don't think the amp deserves a recommendation either, until it is tried tested and proven, but look around, people have been recommending it since it was announced. Efficiency is about the only guideline we have, so for now, what you quoted is the best, and only, set of guidelines.
  7. Ableza
    If you are designing a live sound installation (or cinema or theater - basically any application where dbSPL across a large soundfield is key) then amplifier power and loudspeaker sensitivity and efficiency (two related but different ratings) are critical to understand. In a home listening setup, not so much. I've driven 85db sensitivity loudspeakers with 8-watt amps. It isn't a key consideration at all, actually.
  8. Leopold Nenning
    On Onsanity

    On a meta-level, or reading between the lines of Jason’s post, I have come to the inescapable conclusion that Aegir and other Schiit gear solve the problem of upgrading. Angst relieved.

    Because once I own a (Schiit) product that does all, or most of the important things right, I don’t have to upgrade/sidegrade anymore. And should I feel the need to upgrade/sidegrade after a while, Schiit will be there for me, with a Schiit upgrade for just my product. No need to go to another manufacturer and spend money there. Brilliant reverse psychology, nicely done.

    This is one man's reading of Jason's post. I am in no way implying any trickery or malicious intent and am fully aware that I could be the only person who reads this meaning of Onsanity into it. So just food for thought/discussion. I really like Schiit as a company, its founders, and last but not least Schiit’s products. I admire cleverness.
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  9. Derrick Swart
    Clever is the word! And honesty. No BS is a relief.
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  10. Brubacca
    Respectfully, yes it is a simple way to look at it. That was the point, a simple way to look at for people who are "new to 2 channel".
  11. US Blues
    The one side effect of buying Schiit gear is the tendency to then buy more Schiit gear for other systems. Some of which did not exist until you bought more Schiit gear. You'll end up spending as much money with them as you might with an "audio jewelry" company, only you'll have more boxes scattered about your living and work spaces.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
  12. Brubacca
    The problem being that everyone has different hearing preferences, rooms, room decorations, treatment and other gear. It makes no matter what anyone else says until you get the gear in your room, with your ears and your system. Then you either will like it or not.

    If you like the gear that Schiit makes all you can do is take an eductaed guess no matter what else anyone says.
  13. golfbravobravo
    I ordered a Modi MB form bstock and just set it up. It replaced a regular Modi, paired with a Vali 2 and I can';t believe the difference between the regular and the MB. If you are pondering, I would say that it's not even a close contest.


  14. Robert Padgett
    I am assuming they shipped the Modi MB with the latest firmware upgrade, and I can echo your impressions. My Modi MB was in for a repair, and they swapped boards. When I plugged it in, I was thinking "Hmmm, Gumby Jr.?"

    I am so well pleased with the Modi MB that I paired it with my new Valhalla 2 and could not be any happier. I even pulled the Wyrd out and started feeding the Modi MB with a decrapified USB, instead of SPDIF. In my set-up, with the RasPi as an endpoint and a HiFiBerry transport, I could not hear any difference at all between the USB from the Wyrd, or the Toslink SPDIF.

    Simplicity dictated that a Custom USB cable from Cablesforless.Com was the best, easiest and best sounding route from server to the system. No need for a RasPi being fed from the Ethernet, when my Modi MB is less than a meter from the NUC server.

    Whatever is packed in the upgraded firmware has hit a home-run outta the ballpark.
  15. radicus

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