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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. jimmers
    The difference in tension either side of the drive pulley means the strain of the belt on the drive pulley is different to that of the belt around the platter, as you change the motor distance to the platter you change ratio of those two strains which makes a (small) difference in platter speed.
    People who have used turntables with separate motor pods have found this to be the case, if you don’t have perfect pitch you adjust the speed with the assistance of a stroboscope disc or some similar method.
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  2. Robert Padgett
    Hurry up and Wait.

    The first production SOL is shown, and a chorus of critics look at several photographs, and have already found fault with the appearance and design.
    One might think that this was a "first try" rather than a production model, and none of these concerns were as obvious to Jason or Mike.


    Does anyone not think that this is the result of trial and error, different castings, and changes as issues arose?
    I trust that Mike and Jason have noticed everything people have raised, and made the decisions based on producing the best Turntable for the projected $699 price point.

    Is it a $30,000 VPI? No.
    It is the Schiit SOL, and I am sure if properly set-up, and using a cartridge of your choice, will uphold the tradition of quality/value that we applaud in other offerings.

    And if you pay for one, and you have an issue, there will be plenty of time to discuss.
    Pictures are worth a thousand words. Three pictures, and 3,000 words...
  3. winders
    I can't believe people are already complaining about the Sol......
  4. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Looks fairly easy to make a wooden template and vacuum suck a decent dust cover for it.
    Vacuum table anyone?
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  5. Oveja Negra
    Maybe my memory is fuzzy, but to me it looks pretty much the same as the one that appeared in a kinda old stream Schiit did last year (IIRC). I like the design, it's consistent with the minimalist approach they've shown through their entire catalog.

    Sol is not for me cause I went to digital land long time ago and I'm not coming back from there, but I wish them the best. I'm pretty sure once the reviews begin to appear, they'll put an emphasis in what it's already their trademark: a great performance/cost ratio.
  6. barondla
    Sol looks great to me. Wasn't expecting $20k of audio jewelry. The longer Tonearm, motor pod, and interchangeable unipivot wands are very exciting.
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  7. artur9
    Does that mean we can get more decorative tonearms? Something like grinning skulls running down the length or use arrow wraps? Flames would be good, or rolls of TP :wink:

    The aftermarket possibilities are staggering....
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  8. winders
    Okay, I received the Bifrost Multibit and have had it warming up for just over an hour now. It's no Yggdrasil but it is certainly no Modi Multibit in a bigger case either. I am going to let it warm up and play for the rest of the day before I make any more observations. But, I will say it is already better than the Eitr/Modi Multibit combination I had.
  9. dmckean44

    Great Job! Conrad, @Baldr and @Jason Stoddard
  10. golfbravobravo
    It looks similar enough to the prototype that we saw and listened to in the Shittr about a year ago. It sound excellent, looks YMMV.
  11. Jason Stoddard
    Pretty much.

    The basic turntable is the same.

    The HUGE difference with this one is that it is using real die-cast parts (not investment-cast plinth and machined platter), and real production parts made by the same company that will be making the thousands of production pieces, rather than one-offs hand-made by Conrad. Also, it has the on-the-fly VTA feature, an integrated I/O pod, a power switch, a finished motor housing, and a small detail change on the cueing pod, as well as a different angle between the outrigger pods.

    And yep, this is a minimalist, industrial design. We understand that isn't for everyone.

    And yep, we get it, it would be cool to have speed controls, 1/4" thick stamped steel bases, dust covers, record clamps, record weights, multiple motor options, and a whole lot of other things. But let us walk before we run. Or maybe crawl before we teleport. Because to expect that we introduce a whole ecosystem of parts at the same time we introduce our most mechanically complex product is, well, a little beyond the pale.

    Beyond that, thank you to everyone who came to the first Schiitrmeet! Next one we'll have something else new to preview (and production Aegirs), but you'll probably know what that one is by then...
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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  12. exdmd
    And you can replace the USB board when Schiit introduces their new USB receiver while the Modi Multibit is not upgradeable.
  13. winders
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  14. XERO1
    Then you must be new to this whole 'internet' thing. :poop:
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  15. Rattle
    Will you be doing any headphone comparisons ? Interested in your dac impressions with your headphone rig.

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