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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Rensek
    I've always thought Schiits first goal on the Sol project was to to make the best sounding turntable they could, within their means. From the blurb of Conrads paper that Jason shared, it seems to me they only talk about ways to make the record player sound better. I'm sure it will be am amazing cost/performance ratio product for the folks who buy it.

    I might be able to justify buying it by telling my wife it's art for the basement family area. It looks good in my book, as long as it sounds good.
  2. Miguel Barone
    If the final price will be 699 usd ... It's an outstanding turntable.

    The tonearm (size, pívot, material, etc), vta on the fly, the platter, the plinth ... in the SOL price tag? Can you compare SOL with an entry level Pro-ject?

    People that really understand some thing about turntables are the target for SOL, people that don't care about a plug & play entry level machine but also don't want to spend 1500 usd or more.

    HiFi lovers needs this kind of products.
  3. Porteroso
    The triangle feet will make for a sort of weird dust cover, but it might look cool. Exposed wiring can easily be wrapped for anyone who will display this next to things that look more finished.

    In the end, all that matters is that it sounds better than its price point, that's the whole point of the product. Can't wait to see people throw carts at it, and start in with the a/b comparisons to the regas, the pro-ject stuff, all of it. Should be an interesting few months.
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  4. winders
    I've been on the Internet since before it was the Internet....so no.
  5. winders
    No. I have my only pair of headphones (HD650) that I use only when I have to. Most of the time I will be using the Bifrost in a 2 channel nearfield setup. My comparison will be to the Eitr/Modi Multibit setup I had previously. Even that comparison is not going to be some massive write up.
  6. Jones Bob
    It’s form follows function. I’ll bet Sol sounds fantastic.
  7. alpovs
    How old is/was your Modi Multibit? I suppose it didn't have the updated firmware. I wish someone could compare the new Bitfrost with the new Modi Multibit.
  8. rkw
    With what speakers? I imagine not the Double Impact in your signature.
  9. winders
    It's an older Modi Multibit. But, I have heard the new one in my setup so I have heard the difference....which is really quite subtle. The difference I am hearing with the Bifrost Multibit is a much more significant difference.
  10. winders
    No. I am using Swan M200MKIII powered monitors in my office.
  11. US Blues
    Thank you, that is truly humorous.
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  12. winders
    A rock is made up of two or more minerals.....:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
  13. dieslemat
    Im still wishing for a Loki Maxi!
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  14. winders
    Okay, I let the Bifrost Multibit warm up for over 8 hours with music going through it. The first thing I noticed was that the top end was quite a bit less harsh (or not as bright or strident) and was much more pleasant to listen too at higher volumes. The bass and midrange are clean with more detail and clarity. I really did not like piano on my Modi Multibit but piano sounds really good on the Bifrost Multibit. It certainly not as good as it was on my Yggdrasil or is my DirectStream, but it is really quite nice. Another thing I really like is with my headphones the HD650 "veil" is less evident now with females vocals being especially nice.

    The Bifrost Multibit is certainly a nice step up from either version of the Modi Multibit. I tried the Bifrost Multibit in my main 2 channel setup. If something were to happen to my DirectStream DAC, the Bifrost Multibit would make a reasonable and quite listenable short term replacement.

    Now to see if it gets any better with a 50 or so hours of burn in.....
  15. winders
    I just listened, with headphones, to the first movement of "Scheherazade" with Fritz Reiner conducting CSO (24/176.4). This is the first time I have listened to this on my office setup with it not sounding all congested. Yes, this Bifrost Multibit is a very good DAC!!

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