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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. JamminVMI
    correct, motor is a satellite, completely separate.
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  2. Smithington
    As someone who has recently been battling with an 'entry level' pro-ject expression, I can only admire the sol to be honest. When my pro-ject works as expected, I'm very happy, but the frequency that this is not the case is ruining my experience (does anyone have advice for ill fitting / suspected damaged tonearm cables which often result in noise?).

    To me it looks like it's been designed not only to perform, but to maintain that level of performance. It looks like something I would like very much.

    The switch is where it is so that the user doesn't displace the motor over time when sol is used. Plus, it makes more sense from a cable management perspective to have things together, but I highly doubt that's the primary reason it's designed the way it is.

    @Baldr you should be proud - it looks great. If schiit Europe could exhibit this at the Bristol show in the UK in march, I'd love to hear it.

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  3. US Blues
    Yes! The one with the balance control.
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  4. dieslemat
    With switchable out for the win!!
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  5. ScubaMan2017
    Indeed, it's an odd looking duck. I sincerely hope the vinyl-lovers get a kick out of it. @Jason Stoddard is right - it won't be for everyone. Me? As long as Schiit doesn't start marketing 8-track or cassette tape players, I'm good (yeesh, individuals who pine for the cassette-deck technology make me bite bite my tongue).
    I'm guilty of looking and the Sol photos from the Schittr meet and going...... uh..... hmmm..... well,....... Thankfully, I followed an old-Estonian addage: if one's about to say something critical, take a sip of water, hold it, then swallow (think-then-respond). I might be butchering it (and the online Esti's will howl foul), but the idea's sound. I won't be an armchair quarterback!
    +1. 'nuff said.
    -1. I lied. Add RBG lighting that flashes to the beat! :ksc75smile:
    My ModiMultibit can't be flashed, right? I'm assuming I can't send my unit in for a 1-time-upgrade in the future, right? Oy....

    Firmware updates. For my ModiMB? Oh man, that's a can of worms. :deadhorse: When my beer fund gets flush (again), I'm going to jump up to the Gungnir. Adapt-a-clock?! BBG-indicators?! Multibit ver 2.x?! 100% want, 0% need, eh. :gs1000smile:
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  6. Pedro Janeiro
    Im a music lover, and i love everything who can reproduce it.
    Probably tape decks aren't then best on it, but is the only way i have to listen old demos i recorded with my old bands, just a toy to have fun sometime.
    About what i said before, i keep my words, expected something different, but will buy it anyway :)
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  7. alpovs
    It can. I assume they don't flash it but rather replace the chip with the firmware. Or maybe they re-flash the chip. If you look at the pictures of Modi on Schiit's website, the second picture to last shows an 8-pin chip that's not soldered but rather plugged in. It can be easily replaced. I think the firmware update is not free.
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  8. alpovs
    Do you know what's the advantage of this design instead of pure R-2R?
  9. earnmyturns
    We share the same test track :) Although I typically ask my wife to listen, she's better than me at pinpointing differences, and she has no prior bias regarding box A vs box B. Given that, your comment is quite an endorsement!
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  10. JamminVMI
    EA4AFBF8-7A56-4647-8AF9-5A3B5165D688.jpeg HTH - Different angle...
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  11. rkw
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  12. barondla
    I've had lots of tonearms. None had the turned up ends of this tonearm cueing platform. This should help keep the arm from falling off either end. Nice feature.
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  13. ScubaMan2017
    modi_multi_pcb_top-edited.jpeg ...I think you're referring to that component that's just above the "+1.2V" board label, right? I've seen @SchiitFerBrainz showcase the larger units getting their chips being programmed (on his YouTube video channel). BTW - I'm still learning how to use my Chromebook's image editor, Snapseed (I prefer Microsoft Paint)... all weird errors are my own.

    15:46 EST, Sunday - Edit... re-watching this episode, after monitoring your posts, @alpovs . Thanks, eh.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
  14. Smithington
    Who's copy of 'The Score' is that?! I think that's the biggest controversy in the pics of SOL :beyersmile:
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  15. exdmd
    To my knowledge Schiit has never offered upgrades to their low priced Modi DACs, they even note on their website that Modis are not upgradeable. They don't have the newest Gen 5 USB which is available only on the Bifrost and up. If you want a DAC which is upgradeable you need to consider buying a Bifrost instead of a Modi. This is an example of you do get what you pay for. Modi Multibit is a great low cost DAC but even after adding an Eitr to get the Gen 5 USB it does not equal the sound quality of the Bifrost Multibit.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019

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