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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Ableza
    I love Evanescence but I really hope they get a new producer if they ever record another album. Someone not so in love with synth strings and pseudo orchestration, not to mention seven layers of vocal overdubs. I'd love to hear them slimmed down without all the fake strings and tricks - that they feel compelled to reproduce live I might add.
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  2. Mr Rick
    When I was a kid I had a fascination with electronics, especially RF communications and audio. I was lucky enough to be employed in the industry and loved it at first. When you are very good at something you are often rewarded with promotion. Unfortunately this can lead to eventual promotion to a position that is no longer your passion. Over the years this eventually happened to me. I was no longer a technical person, I was a people person. This continued to the conclusion of my career.

    But now I'm retired. I can be that kid again.
  3. winders
    No, you are mischaracterizing the "Friedman Doctrine". Friedman's position was that companies should have no social responsibility to anyone but its share holders. In other words, let the shareholders decide, individually, what social interests to support.

    Milton Friedman was a genius and we would do well to listen to what he had to say.
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  4. Timster
    Evanescence's "Fallen", to my ears, is not quite as bad as "Open Door".... such a shame, as Fallen (specifically Bring Me To Life) was the track that dragged me back to hard rock and metal, brought me to life so to speak! I don't get it. You can get the same album on Vinyl with much better range, although I haven't heard if it really sounds better. I think that a lot of the distortion in these two albums is pre-mastering, and was crushed against the limiters in recording/mixing.

    Metallica's CD release of Death Magnetic, is woeful to my ears, yet the "bootlegged" version from the Guitar Hero game was way better, much more dynamic, less crushed. Apparently newer releases are better too. I might have to check.

    Nightwish's "Dark Passion Play", another example of a crushed release. Love the album/band but really struggle to listen to it for any length of time other than in the car where lower DR helps.

    If the sound is crushed in the original recording/mixing, it might not be salvageable. If just in mastering, then a re-mix/master could produce a wildly different (better? ... probably :) ) result

    Interestingly most concert DVDs/Blu-Rays I have do not have the same limits imposed on the mastering, and most of them sound excellent.
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  5. Ableza
    To my ears one of the best metal recordings ever is Prong's "Cleansing." If it's compressed it's done very judiciously.

    -edited to correct for the album title rather than a song title -
  6. ScottFree
  7. jnak00
    Ouch. I'm a CPA, a part owner of a company run by CPAs...and we still find ways to have fun.

    Great post in any case. It reminds of a TED Talk by Simon Sinek called "Start with why", Fantastic talk - you can find it on Youtube.
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  8. US Blues
    Companies, and a first world country many of us live in.
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  9. GumbyDammit223
    I'm in total agreement about "Bring Me To Life". That's the song that introduced me to E and when I got the CD I was totally surprised at what I was hearing. I loved the music, but hated the sound. I did get the LP but haven't had a chance to compare the two. Haven't heard Metallica, but I've read that that is a classic example of compression gone awry. Regarding re-mix/mastering, I've kind of assumed that any recent remasters of older music would actually sound worse. Maybe it's anecdotal from reading the loudness war information, I don't know. However, I did get the '95 remasters of Ozzy Osbourne's albums and really didn't think they sounded all that great. Admittedly I haven't heard any of that music anywhere else but the radio so I don't really have anything to compare against.

    I've made this comment before: It would be great if record companies would provide the "normal" compressed version for the unwashed masses at a cut-rate price, and provide a higher-cost "audiophile" version (I hate using that term) with full dynamic range, or at least a 24-bit uncompressed bit-perfect download. I'm not going to hold my breath though.
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  10. ScottFree
  11. bagwell359
    May I ask a question? Are the definitions you have for value yours, or those given to you from outside? I was a software eng, architect, mgr, and worked hard for them and my wallet. But I also went for the really nice 1/2 acre woodland garden all planted by hand full of salamanders and tree frogs and azaleas, and the family, and sometimes the high end audio. If those things were not at zero, they at least provided some balance away from the cube. Maybe that's enough for you not to feel crushed. Joy in simplicity or complexity is still joy. Simple and pure joy to you.
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  12. scclimber
    After all this talk about certain speakers not being good enough to resolve the difference in electronics, at what point does the populus believe it is time to upgrade? Ie, upgrade from modi Multibit to Yggdrasil (that is on b stock right now).
  13. jseymour
    Since it is on B stock right now, the answer is right now.
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  14. bagwell359
    Well that's the ultimate resolver at a sane price I ever saw. I bought an early Gumby instead because it was less resolving but more - pardon the term 'analog' - warmer. It was a system match choice too (Rag). They say the newer Gumby is more like the Yggy, but I don't know. Good hunting.
  15. rdaneel
    The laws of robotics? What are those? :wink:
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