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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Timster
    You can still have a 24 bit "uncompressed" data file, bit perfect in every way of a horribly "compressed" dynamic range audio track. Sadly.
    .... and I'm sure there are plenty of these out there

    Maybe I need to buy me a Sol and go back to spinning vinyl
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  2. earnmyturns
    I love the whole chapter, but this quote gets to the crux of it for me. The intersection of one's zeroth thing and value may stay small for a long time, but then the environment changes and you have cosmic inflation of the value intersection. I fell for artificial intelligence in my freshman year in college when 32K was a huge amount of memory, and 2 usec a fast instruction time. For decades it was all wind-up toys and barely useful research. Now, on the other hand... it would be churlish to complain that one's field has become too popular, in too much demand :wink:
  3. Miguel Barone
    I Will not tell you do it or not, i only will tell you that the "worst" part of Vinyl is to buy records. But, if you live in US, Europe or Japan ... You're in heaven.

    You can find easily second hand records in very good condition between 5 and 10 dollars and new editions at 20 / 25 dollars.

    I live in Latin America and i buy records in US (paying overseas shipping) and i saved money compared to buying locally.

    So, sometimes it's good to have another sight to see that you're in better position than you think :)
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  4. Timster
  5. wink
    Well, I just went and ordered my zeroth [REDACTED]. Cant' waith to order the next one.....:ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile: it will probably be my [​IMG]th......

    Last edited: Jan 10, 2019
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  6. Mr. Pete

    I agree with you. One should do what one "loves" to do. Unfortunately, most people, as Thoreau said, "live lives of quiet desperation." You and Mike are lucky men. You both have intellectual skill sets to do some amazing things which is apparent in the products you produce....most people don't! Jobs had a passion for his Apple products...his replacement doesn't!
    Watching your videos you can see, like your turntable video(s), in your eyes the satisfaction you get from doing this project. I am sure that when your Sol finally comes out it will be a GREAT turntable....and I will probably will buy it!
    If you watch last weeks 60 Minutes episode of the guy who, on his own, figured out how to break down cellulose to make sugars that won't rot your teeth, degradable plastics, etc. you will see another example of Schiit Audio...except he is going down another road based on his...passion! He started his whole trip at Walden's Pond.
    Jason...I am sure you have read the book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." That was the first thing I though of when you started your insight(s) into your world view of business/life. All of us who read your "stuff" and buy your products are fortunate you and Mike have this world view. I also agree with you that money is not the thing to measure one's success....but you still have to pay the electric bill(s).
    I appreciate you taking the time to elaborate on your personal view of business/life.
    Mr. Pete------->
    aging hippie
  7. KoshNaranek
    Welcome to Head Fi
  8. bagwell359
    Well first you must answer the question:

    Do I use Robbie the Robot laws


    Do I use the Robinson's Robot laws

  9. rdaneel
    Just don't ask me what rhymes with "orange."
  10. US Blues
    Well said. And welcome, we need more of us "aging" hippies hereabouts!
  11. jimmers
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  12. Robert Padgett
    Welcome, from one old Deadhead to an aging hippie... You know of course that Mike is a member of the wandering tribe. Being a Deadhead seems to impart upon us wisdom about life which we see in many areas--like Dabo Sweeney was a Deadhead. Only a group like the Grateful Dead would attempt a "Wall of Sound", and then help develop canceling microphones to prevent feedback as the loudspeakers served as monitors. Of course, it almost wrecked the ship, but at least they had a vision (The Bear had an idea) and tried it. Mike is the first to admit that some of his ideas didn't pan out, but at least he tried. That is what a disruptor does, they make profound changes, which others follow.
  13. ScubaMan2017
    I stumbled across DLNA when I was trying to network my machines to my Chromebook. Thankfully, VLC for Android uses it... and as long as I had my external hard-drives attached to a Netgear Blackhawk (with USB Easy Share & Media Server enabled)... it just worked! Foobar eventually recognized the media... and it now works.

    Mystery mystery. Meh, now it works. Audio nirvana resumes (for me). I'm pumping Scott Bradlee's Post Modern Jukebox through my stacks. Heh, Schiit makes even AAC sound clean & full-bodied. And I can freebase Ms. Adele Robyn Anderson into my CNS. Whoah Nelly! BTW, if you're having a Schiit-Sandwich (lousy) day, this particular song's like a shot of Vitamin C... or... 10A across your groin... whatever turns your crank. :ksc75smile::ksc75smile::ksc75smile:
  14. yonson
    While my current towers have a pair of 20cm bass drivers, some of the best sounding towers I've ever heard only had 3 115mm bass drivers. If anyone ever gets a chance to listen to a pair of Raidho D3.1's (or 2.1's even the 1.1's are quite impressive) I definitely recommend it...
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  15. yonson
    I was blown away by how much this CD sounded like ass when it was first released, I was beyond pissed. Then when I found out about the GH BL I had to give it a try, and was amazed by how much better it sounded, I refuse to give them any more of my $$$ so I'll have to take your word on newer releases being any better...
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