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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. audio philestine
    [anxiously awaiting RMAF news, and realizing it's still OMG early in the Rockies...]
  2. the finisher
    Focal does not think this, my 3k a pair monitors use a 100 watt A/B amp for the tweeters, and a 150 watt class D for the woofer.
    It doesn't sound like crap, trust me.

    However, the passive KEF LS50 driven by a class A/B amp with similar power may sound a bit sweeter.

    I love em both, and again am on the fence.
  3. FrivolsListener
    I won't be there tonight, which is a shame because I work only a couple blocks away.

    I will be there tomorrow. Pictures will be early-cell-phone quality, but I'll try to get them up by Sunday.
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  4. FrivolsListener
    Jason said that a matched Class D + integrated speaker can be made to sound okay.

    I've heard Class D in the wild, and my assessment, like Mike said, was also that it sounds like a$$.

    If it's improved, good! Great! But that remains to be seen.

    I don't usually get into "ideology wars" about amp topology, but my experience was more an exposure to a "high end" amp at an audio store that sounded really bad, and I looked at it in horror and found out only afterwards that it was Class D.

    Other exposure to Class D was at RMAFs past. When their statement speaker display is all filled with digital hash, I'm'a pass.
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  5. riffrafff
    I'm at work, so can't really listen to that video interview again, but Jason was saying that these faster junctions (beryllium, maybe? I think it started with the letter B) may be the key to better-sounding class D amps. Given how class-D works, that makes sense.
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  6. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Let's say the A to Continuity (A2C) amp is the new way Schiit goes.
    It would still be a hell of a job to level, let alone improve on, the SQ of Ragnarok and Vidar.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
  7. FrivolsListener
    I'm sure we'll see your beloved Sol, but that won't be a surprise.

    The Continuity amp will be a mild surprise, but Jason has talked about it.

    What third shoe might drop? Maybe the digital folks have a bombshell, or have another Gadget prototype.
  8. JohnnyCanuck

    It could finally be the introduction of the REDACTED.

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  9. KoshNaranek
    Gallium Arsenide. They switch in the GHz range and should have unnoticeable switching noise(It may affect your WiFi if not shielded).
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  10. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Stir a few of those trough the pudin and you could kill someone.
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  11. barondla
    Think class D would be tough anywhere near a Mani/Modi price range. Jason & Mike haven't heard class D they like at any price. To expect them to be happy with class D at their entry level pricing seems unrealistic for a first product. Jason might consider it a victory to make class D sound great at any price. Then Schiit could do their magic on reducing price.
  12. CAPT Deadpool
    Hmm :thinking: Would Schiit use anything that has Arse in the name? After all Mike is prone to saying things sound like A$$.:smile_cat:
  13. the finisher

    You kinda took my post as a whole out of context. I have personally never owned a class D amp that wasn't a subwoofer amp before.
    But until you hear these monitors on a desk I'd say your opinion of them is meaningless.

    I would suppose Focal chose Class A/B for the beryllium tweeter, and the Class D for the woofer for a reason.
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
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  14. Ninhalem
    I did email Schiit Info about this yesterday morning but haven't heard back yet, so I thought I would try here: does Schiit ship to Puerto Rico via USPS? I did not see an option in the shipping form to PR when trying to order yesterday and I know USPS usually ships in two to three days to Puerto Rico on a regular basis.

  15. FrivolsListener
    The point was, they matched the Class D to the woofer. A woofer isn't going to pass high frequency digital hash.

    But then, I wouldn't buy a subwoofer that wasn't part of a matched system. I'd rather buy speakers that cover that range as part of their design.

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