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Schiit Asgard 3 - Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by XERO1, Aug 28, 2019.
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  1. HumdrumPenguin
    I never tried the 660S, but I wanna go out to a meeting and grab the Asgard 3. It is very possible I'll get to try it since it's quite a popular pair of cans. I read they are more bright than the 650, and that's the opposite of what I want. Remember that I'm coming from a HD700, so I now have repulse for bright headphones because of it (as an example, I'd stay the hell outta of an HD800's way).
  2. HumdrumPenguin
    Will definitely keep that in mind. The STAX SR-009 should be an excellent match to the blue hawaii then. I would most definitely never spend that crazy amount of cash on a setup, since we're looking at over USD10k worth of gear.
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  3. KukoCL
    I thought the same of the brightness, that's why I was trying tube amps and warm tubes with my HD6XX. All I can say is it sounds more clear, a lot more resolving and still good and deep bass. Could be great if you can try them. It was a very good improvement for me.
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2019
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  4. bequietjk
    I love how active this thread is. I'm definitely considering the Asgard 3. My purpose will be to use for music/audio production. I have an Archel Pro on the way and hopefully it'll get the job done, but if I need more power then I'm looking to the A3 or the up and coming Monolith 887.
  5. HifiRED
    Someone mentioned earlier about the Unison USB being added I think. Is this happening? Also would there be any problem connecting the A3 to a powered USB hub?
  6. RB2021
    They are making cards compatible with Yggrasil, Gungnir, and Bifrost 1 I think first. He said that those would be available in January. Cards for Jot, Lyr and Asgard wouldn't be available for a year out at least. I got the impression that they aren't being worked on yet and given the fact that they are putting out a fire with the turn table right now I wouldn't hold my breath for them.
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  7. KukoCL
    This is very interesting to me too. I'v tried a burson amp once (can't remember the model) and i loved the soft sound signature. But i'm looking for a one piece solution, like Asgard 3 + Dac module.
  8. Baten
    So basically Burson Playmate :wink:?
  9. ev666il
    Has anybody had a chance to compare the multibit DAC module to the Modi Multibit DAC? Do they sound the same? Or would it be better to do Modi Multibit + Asgard 3, SQ-wise?
  10. senorx12562
    I have not heard the MB module in the Asgard, but with Jotunheim, the Modi MB via usb is noticeably clearer/better with my ears and gear than the MB module in the Jot. Further improvement is available with the Modi via coax which isn't an option with the module. If it were me, unless a single box and no interconnects is a requirement, I would spend the extra 50 just for the additional inputs, let alone any increase in sq. Hope that helps.
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  11. KukoCL
    There is a review in Z reviews' YouTube where he leaves links to output audios recorded from the different schiit dacs. The only one that sounds different to me is the modi multibit, which sounds more brilliant. I couldn't tell if better, but that's just me.


    Okay, it's just the modi multibit and other 2 different dacs. But the only one that sounds different to me is the multibit. (You can download the audio samples in the video description)
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
  12. XERO1
    Actually, they are now both the same price ($250). But you will still need a decent RCA cable (Audioquest Tower or Evergreen are really good for the money) for the Modi.
    Personally, I love the versatility of having the 3 inputs on my Modi Multibit.
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  13. HumdrumPenguin
    Did you mean you were trying tube amps on the 6XX or 660S? Because the 6XX doesn't sound bright to me. And weird enough, after about 5 or 6 hours of listening, the thin sound that I was hearing got much better. Still using the sound card. "Burn in" does happen in my opinion, because I felt that before (or I think I did)... but never so fast. I'm really excited to get my hands on the new amp/dac, but it'll arrive later in the week. Not sure if I read here on one of your commentaries or somebody else's, about not hearing much any from their sound card and new amp, but it would the bummer of the year considering the CAD535ish it will cost me after border taxes and the hefty shipping cost.
  14. KukoCL
    I meant I was scared of the brighter sound of the 660S, because I had the HD6XX and I liked it's warm sound. I was using a tube amp (Little Dot MKii) with some Russian tubes, but in blind tests I did never hear any tonal difference between using the tube amp or the integrated headphones amp in my PC soundcard (soundblaster RX). So I sold the amp and HD6XX after a year of use to give a try on the 660S in a 40% off deal.

    Nowadays I'm using them directly in the soundblaster and checking the Asgard 3 as a possible buy.
  15. HumdrumPenguin
    I've never tried tube amps myself, but according to what I've read they are supposed to colour the sound in a warmer way that relates to vinyls. There is so much bias in the audiophile community that you really gotta try things for yourself and come out with your own conclusions. I do hope that the Asgard will bring out what I expected from the 6XX in the first place.
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