RUIZU A50 HD - anyone know anything about this player? Or what do you think?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by gegatron, Jun 6, 2017.
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  1. zhubajie
    Squeeeze me, I must have missed that.
  2. cqtek
    Yesterday I sent an E-Mail to Penon Audio to ask they for the old firmware. Today they answer me with the solution, they send me this firmware:


    And now I have again the play screen like I want:


    A big thanks to Penon Audio for they support.
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  3. bsoplinger
    Just received this player and I seem to have a few issues…

    I don't see much of the artwork. I remember seeing an explicit description of the max size jpg supported but now I can't find that.

    I tried to update the firmware and nothing happens it just tells me no files found. But from the pictures in this thread I see that I have the newest version. So I assume it is just a misleading message that instead should have been something like same version firmware.

    I have a Shanling M1 which is part of the reason I decided to give this player a try since I really liked the form factor. I didn't realize how much I needed gapless playback though. I also have a Benjie K9 which isn't gapless either. But the K9 is just a bit of a stutter of silence. Not idea and definitely not like the M1 but not awful. The A50 though, wow what a pause between tracks. Is this because of the underpowered processor? The fact that most of my album artwork in the ID tags isn't displayed by the A50 so that as it moves from track to track it sits there awhile before deciding "nope, not gonna show that?"
  4. Montree
    Make hidden files visible to make sure you have got rid of any hidden data files, particularly one called “ALBUM.PIC” on your SD card before rebuilding the database. That might cure the poor or partial loading of the screen art. I use album art by saving a single file called “Folder” in each folder saved at 360 x 360 pixels. I don’t use embedded album art. Larger album art does slow down the loading of files but there’s nothing else you can do about the gapless playback but I only use the A50 for compilation disks which don’t need continuous playback.
  5. pommedefrance
    i've got the ruizu A50 too..very good player but the last firmware is horrible..
    somebody can post the RUIZU_A50_M2_20170628.fw ?
    is there a way to random files but more than 4000 ? and i really miss the usb out to a external there one with the same price i can buy ?
    thks !
  6. bsoplinger
    Did you try a pm to @cqtek who mentions that version a few posts above? For that matter since he mentioned that he got it from Penon Audio you could try emailing them and asking nicely.
  7. pommedefrance
    No response from cqtek..i tried penon audio, they sennd me the firmware but didn't work...and no news since....snif :cry:
  8. bsoplinger
    Its good to see Penon Audio was nice enough to send you a copy of the firmware. They seem like a good company to deal with the 1 time I made a purchase.
  9. cqtek
    Message alerts do not work for me. I am sorry.
    I have answered the private messages. It's weird that the old firmware does not work. It is necessary to install it with the Audio Product Tool utility as indicated in the manual.
  10. pommedefrance
    thks, it works perfectly ! except the grey color which i don't like....and it's strange, but it seems that the sound is worse...i don't know
  11. cqtek
    For me no differences in sound.
  12. pommedefrance
    I've just received the benjie T6 and it's much better..and a "normal" interface...with 15000 random files, not 4000...etc etc..
  13. bsoplinger
    I pretty much have to agree with this. I like my Shanling M1 and the idea of an inexpensive player with the same form factor but without the "extra stuff", ie just plays music, really appealed. But the issues with it, especially the lack of gapless playback, make it a disappointment. The Bengjie, especially with the AGPtEK Rocker firmware, just works so much more simply with things as one would expect that its the better choice IMHO.
  14. cqtek
    Really I have AGPTek Rocker and the interface is better, I don't like the pause method of A50, but I like more the sound of Ruizu than the Rocker, I don't say better, only I like a bit more. It's my personal opinion.
  15. SomeEntityThing
    Hello all,

    Does anyone hear a "hissing" sound while listening to music/navigating through their Ruizu A50 HD, and its screen is ON? Does it have something to do with the fact that I'm using the Tin Audio T2 and KZ ZS5 (V1s) with it, sensitive IEMs with 16 ohms each? Forgive me for presenting such a trivial issue, given that all I'd need to do is turn my player off. I just have a really bad habit of navigating through my DAPs while I listen to music...

    ...mmmmmmmaybe I should just learn to kick the habit :/
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