RUIZU A50 HD - anyone know anything about this player? Or what do you think?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by gegatron, Jun 6, 2017.
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  1. mbwilson111

    This review by one of our members will tell you more than I can type:)

    Also you can read some impressions earlier in this thread.

    I do not feel a need for a case or a screen protector. It is a tough little thing. When not in use I zip it into this:

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  2. crabdog
    There is no screen protector supplied with it.

    Also there is apparently a firmware upgrade available but I didn't bother with it because the only change is support for DSD256 which IMO is just a marketing gimmick and not a practical format.
  3. zhubajie
    The new firmware can easily be downloaded from their website (
    Let Google Translate translate the page (use Chrome, Install the plugin).
    You have to download a tool and the firmware (20170805) itself.
    The tool can be installed like this : take the files MSIEN.MSI and MSI.CAB from the unpacked folder and put them in the root one of your drives.
    Doubleclick MSIEN.MSI.
    In installs the English version of the tool which also has an English helpfile.

    The firmware package contains two sets of .HEX and .FW files. One has -I- in it's name so I reckon that's the international version.

    When you start the program it asks you to select an .FW file.

    That is where it ended for me since the program didn't see my device and when selecting one of the firmware files it said they were corrupted.
    The download went without problems and the .zip file unpacked without error so the files are not corrupt (or they are corrupt on the Ruizu site).

    As last attempt I put both files on an empty SD card and tried the upgrade option on the device but that didn't find any files and offers no choice to select anything.

    I'm happy with the device as it is, and to be honest, I don't expect any fixes or support on it. If you want that you need to buy a Shanling, or Cayin player (which I have both too).
  4. mbwilson111
    Yeah, I don't care about DSD either. If I really want it, I have my Cayin N3. I would upgrade if Ruizu were to add gapless play. Meanwhile, I have the Cayin, the Opus and the rockboxed xDuoo X3 that do support gapless. The little Ruizu has its own special pupose :)
  5. Terminator3000
    Thanks for the info guys. Do you think it's worth the extra cash for the Shanling M1 then? If so, where is it the cheapest? It's a little pricey on Amazon (£139.99)
  6. HungryPanda
    I have the Ruizu A50 and the Shanling M1, I prefer the Shanling as it has Blue tooth, gapless play, Hiby link and gets updates
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  7. HungryPanda
    Side by side
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  8. mbwilson111
    When I bought the Ruizu I only paid £45. I already had the Opus#1 which does gapless play and has two card slots. I also had my rockboxed xDuoo X3 which also does gapless and has two card slots. If I had not already owned those I probably would have wanted a Shanling instead of the Ruizu. It really depends on what your particular needs are. Is gapless important to you? Do you tend to listen to full albums and, if so, do any of them require seamless play? If you listen to songs on shuffle play then you don't NEED gapless. Never hurts to have it though. Just compare and decide what features are important.

    edited to add.... having just said all that, if I could only keep one of my players it actually would probably be my Cayin N3. Only one card slot but it does have gapless play. It also has Hiby and bluetooth although I do not use those. Small form factor (not tiny like the Ruizu or Shanling though. Also the fonts are kind of small on the Cayin. The Opus is too big to put in my pocket..
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  9. Terminator3000
    Cheers for the info fellas.
  10. mbwilson111
    What did you decide?

    BTW, not everyone here is a fella... :)
  11. Terminator3000
    Haha yeah I guess...

    I haven't decided yet. I'll have a think about it over the week.
  12. Terminator3000
    Another reason why I'm in no rush now is because prices of flash memory have rocketed since I bought cards last year. I bought a 128GB card for £17.99 late last year and now they're £40.
  13. mbwilson111
    Wow I don't know how you found one at that price! I never did. I usually use My Memory because at least it won't be fake. I got one from ebay once that was £20 something and it turned out to be fake. The guy gave me my money back and did not want the fake card... but he continued to sell them which annoyed me. Right now 200 GB cards seem to be giving the best price/capacity ratio.
  14. crabdog
    Might as well wait for the 11.11 sale. You might be able to pick one up real cheap.
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  15. mbwilson111
    ...and the black Friday sales for cards...
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