RUIZU A50 HD - anyone know anything about this player? Or what do you think?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by gegatron, Jun 6, 2017.
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  1. zhubajie
    When you order brand cards from AliExpress and JoyBuy you're usually safe. I ordered several at quite nice prices.
    These big sites hate fake products because it gives them a bad name and they want to do business worldwide.
    I know JoyBuy has daily/weekly offers that are quite spectacular sometimes.
    You have to be quick though.
    I bought several DAPs that way for super low prices.

    Always keep in mind: if something looks to be too good to be true it usually is. Especially from small sellers.
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  2. Terminator3000
    Funnily enough it was last black Friday I got it for that price. Then it went back up to £27.99 but now the regular price is £40 most places for a 128gb card. Ram has shot up in price too since last year.
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  3. cqtek

    Now I have this little player and I upgraded to the new firmware "RUIZU_A50_M2_20170805", but I don't like the new UI, I can't see all data of each song together.
    Are there any possibility of downgrade to the old firmware? I tried to search in Google but I can't find anything, only the new one.

    Old Interface:

    Old Interface2.jpg

    New Interface:

    New Interface.jpg

    Thank you for your help.
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  4. mbwilson111

    Thanks for adding photos. If you press the back button, will it show the album and song title? Also, I thought the new firmware shows full screen album art?
  5. Anthony Campbell
    Moring folks,
    On ebay, there is a seller that states the A50 has a radio function. is this true?
  6. zhubajie
  7. Montree

    The file title first scrolls from right to left and then the other informations scrolls up to take it’s place in turn.
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  8. mbwilson111
    Thank you! I like it. Would you mind putting a step by step guide on how to update this? I know someone had tried it and it had not worked. Someone else said, maybe in another thread, something about having to rename a file. It would be good to have simple info in one place. I am not yet awake enough to sort it out :) I have updated other players, so sorry for feeling lazy this morning:) I was up all night listening to music:)

    Edited to add:
    Is there a list somewhere of all the changes? I could really use a gain setting. I have a few iems that require me to set the volume at 6 or 7 which is crazy. I don't think I have ever put it higher than 20 on the current firmware. Gapless would be great but I know they have not added that.
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  9. Montree

    You can download the update here:

    The site is in Chinese so if you’re not using Google Chrome, which can translate it, click on the white button which includes the the lettering (52.4M) and then select the right hand white button in the dialogue box that pops up.

    Once I had the download I followed miriddin’s instructions.

    miriddin wrote:
    I just copied the two firmware files into the root of the microsd and then selected from A50 menu the "Auto Upgrade" command: non program needed at all.

    Just be aware that you need to rename correctly the international version of both files! Otherwise they are not regnized!

    The correct name of files MUST be:

    I can’t see any new features in the Settings such as Gain Control and I don’t think the A50 will ever be capable of Gapless playback but I would love to be proved wrong.
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  10. mbwilson111
    Thank you so much for getting this info all in one place. I will do this tonight or tomorrow for sure. I use Firefox so thanks for that extra info about the site.
  11. Montree
    It might be worth adding that the two files you need to rename have an "I" in their filename. Also I can't see anyway of reverting to the earlier version as it doesn't seem to be available online anywhere.
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  12. cqtek
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  13. Montree
    I use a Mac so no good for me.
  14. zhubajie
    Check page 241 of the "Obscure Chinese DAPs" thread. There's more than enough info there. Easy to find if you just look for it.

    ...I removed the "_I" part from the names and copied these to a card.
    Now the update worked. and after a short time the A50 turned itself off.
    I replaced the SD card and restarted it. It was reset to the Chinese language and it started to rescan the SD card...
    After the rescan it was easy to set to reselect the English language and all works fine again.
  15. Montree
    I was merely pointing out that this specific method didn't work on a Mac but as I pointed out above I still did the update without difficulty. I had already "looked for it".
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