Rockbox'ed Sansa Fuze opinions?
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so thats where all the v1 fuzes are ;p

also nothing can be buy a refurbed one and hope its a v1 or you can try ebay and see if the seller will tell you the firmware.
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I love my RB'ed Fuze. Database isn't great, and there are a couple other bugs since it isn't really finalized firmware, but it sounds great and I really appreciate the EQ and crossfeed.
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Originally Posted by ace5000 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Are the problems with the Fuze EQ gone when Rockboxed?

Sansa EQ is a poopz vs. rockbox EQ is pro quality. And works!!! And VRY WELL.
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you can try the FS threads or buy a reburbished sansa fuze and hope to get lucky. you can also go on ebay and ask them if they will check the version and hope to get lucky.
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Originally Posted by rawrster /img/forum/go_quote.gif
you can try the FS threads or buy a reburbished sansa fuze and hope to get lucky. you can also go on ebay and ask them if they will check the version and hope to get lucky.

I got mine from TigerDirect... Their Quality Refurbished do NOT advertise flac or ogg format compatability and mine was a v.01... good luck!
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I just ordered a refurbished Fuze as well, so I'm hoping for a V.1 to RockBox,............ wish me well folks.
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I bought my fuze on ebay after asking two sellers of refurbished players if they had the v1. I included the steps need to check; settings/info/version since I assume that most sellers are just like retailers, you have questions, they have shrugs but no answers. Most refurbs are open white boxes so checking shouldn’t be a problem. I asked two sellers and got two answers, both V1s.
Less than a day after getting the unit rockbox was on. Install was simple, rbutilqt-v1.2.5 is the complete package. Grab the latest firmware from sansa; rb needs it to install, complete, reboot and add music. Just a quick observation here; whatever setting you use to put music on; mtp or msc if you change that setting you won’t find the music to manage again except by switching back. I prefer the msc and even without a card in the slot shows.
FlacVest was kind enough to provide some base settings which are in the rockbox folder. *.cfg. I’ve taken that file off and renamed it and sent it back. I’ve done this a few times to get a base line for different hps after using the players reset function and adjusting. There is a keyboard function on the player but this seems so much easier when the player is already connected via usb. Now the setting are easy to recall depending on the hp used. The manual from rockbox is 195 pages but cover all the games (wow) as well as the function of the music system.
The rockbox config (os?/firmware?) is deep! Once I used it I wondered why sansa hasn’t implemented some, if not all of these features. Of course the answer is open source and gnu license; that aside the chip set is more feature rich than sansa has implemented. Navigation with rock box is more complex than the original but well worth the time to learn. I feel like I’ve only touched the surface. Speaking of the surface the piano black is real nice but it’s a fingerprint collector. The back of the player is a matte black no slip surface. I have an 8gb micro sd card coming and a leather flip case like a norve coming. I’ll get some photos up later…maybe
This is probably the best value in a player I’ve ever had.
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interesting. I got less battery after installing rockbox and their website also says less battery compared to stock firmware

I do agree that rockbox is awesome. It has a lot more features than any other player I've had and is highly customizable. I just need to buy a microsdhc card one of these days
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I have to have one! I emailed 4 Ebay sellers with the instructions to check as well - to no avail... Tiger Direct responded saying I would have to contact the mfg to find out the version!

UPDATE: An ebay seller did respond with a version 1. It will be on its way!

Within a few days, I will have a Monster Turbine and a Rockboxed Fuse. I hope it's good - God knows I've done my homework.

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