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Rockbox for iBasso DX90 dual boot with Mango (Stock Firmware)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Jul 21, 2014.
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  1. coco8579
    sorry for the question but what improvements sound wise does rock box bring? 
  2. maceta69
    I played tracks exclusively from the micro sd card. It's also the same card as I used with DX50, where I didn't have any problems. No database, no settings changed, only file browsing. I will try to transfer some files to the internal memory to see if it solves the problem.
    After listening to my DX90 today, I can also confirm what rookie said about the problem occuring pretty much at any moment in the track.
  3. pegasus21
    I've given this some playtime and ran into some issues.
    -Database feature doesn't seem to be scanning properly. If I select /mnt/external_sd as the scanning point, it seems to scan only the first directory. *Rescanned and database seems to be working*
    -Trying to play music via the files option causes the player to go into a panic error. Database files are somehow causing the panic. After deleting the database files from the rockbox directory on the internal sd, it plays fine from the files option.
    -I also seem to have noticed the occasional random crackle in the music. Heard it on a flac 16bit/44.1KHz and mp3.
    Other than that, it seems to be working fine for music.
    I have some queries about how to use this port.
    1. Is it possible to turn off the screen while on now playing? I tried pressing the power button and it brings me back to the main menu. It seems like my only way is to wait for the screen to dim and off on its own.
    2. Is it possible to turn the screen off when the lock button is engaged?
    3. Pressing the power button when you were on now playing previously before the screen turned off causes the player to return to the previous menu (ie up 1 level) and the display turns on. Is this a normal behaviour?
    4. I can't seem to get adb working. Is someone able to write a simple tutorial on how to get it working with the drivers/adb on windows 7 x64?
    I really appreciate your hardwork on getting rockbox working on the player despite your busy life and understand if you can't rectify the issues encountered. Thanks for bringing us rockbox.
  4. headwhacker
    Ok I think I am able to reproduce the crackling sound. It seems to happen usually when you skip tracks in quick successions . Happens both in touchscreen and physical buttons.
    I usually listen to an entire album before I select another one or I just use a playlist. I seldom have to skip track either direction that is why I never notice the crackling sound.
    I will have to investigate this further. Maybe this is due to the behavior of DX90 I observed when fixing the prev button which is it sends multiple keycodes even with just a single press of a button. Perhaps I'll play with inserting delays on every key press.
  5. headwhacker
    @pegasus21 Those are normal behavior of the power button in Rockbox. You will have to control the backlight off idle timer to achieve similar effect.
    As for the dB panic, error, go to Settings >  General Settings > Database > Gather Runtime Data. You should turn it off prior to initializing and building the database.
  6. cholero
    Thanks for the professional feedback!
    DX50 and DX90 share the same status except for the crackle noise some people reported for DX90.
    Yes, DB-Statistic is not working
    1. This is rockbox not android. But I have planned to modify this in the future because I would prefer it too: to have WPS as main screen not menu; like on OF
    2. There are setting something like "backlight when locked" (normal, on, off)
    3. For normal rockbox yes. But I made a mod for this, headwhacker will maybe include it, i think if he likes it
    4. ?? I think headwhaker has set it to adp ind build.prop ?? Do other Android devices work on your PC?
  7. headwhacker

    You should try it and decide for yourself. It's dual boot anyway so you can quickly switch between stock 2.1.0 and Rockbox
  8. pegasus21
    I've tested the backlight a bit and I found that the time before it turns off the screen is around twice the amount set under the backlight option. The setting of dade in and out has no bearing on this amount of time.
    I've also noticed that the fade in and out progression is longer than it should be (At least when compared to my rockbox ipod). I'm not sure if this might be related to the timer issue.
    In regards to adb, I've made progress with the SDK drivers and adb binary. I'm able to establish adb for a minute before the device goes offline.
    Initially upon boot up
    C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb devices
    List of devices attached
    0123456789ABCDEF        device
    After 1 minute
    C:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools>adb devices
    List of devices attached
    0123456789ABCDEF        offline
    If it happens again, I'll try to get some logs.
  9. jj69
    Listening to DX90 with Rockbox for the first time now. Finally!
    I cannot extend enough thanks to headwhacker, cholero, Ilia, and everyone else who contributed to this project. You guys just turned a $419 paperweight into my reference portable music player!
    I've only been listening for about an hour, but it's already plain that all of the sonic problems with the stock firmware are gone. Gapless playback, of course, finally works flawlessly as well.
    I have noticed a few issues already, all of which I believe have already been mentioned:
    1] I did notice the crackling sound others have reported. It seems to occur for the first few seconds of the first song you play after opening a new folder in the file browser. However, it has occurred in the middle of a song at times as well. I have no idea of what's causing this, but hopefully there's a way to address it. For the record, all of my music is is 44k/16 bit FLAC format and I use the file browser only.
    2] When I press the power button to turn the display back on, the menu always seems to jump up one level. I would very much prefer to have the “NOW PLAYING” screen open back up whenever the power button is pressed. This is the same behavior exhibited in Rockbox for the DX50, of course, but it is very annoying.
    3] On one occasion, all of the buttons became non-responsive for a few seconds. I pressed the power button to turn the display back on, but nothing happened. I tried pressing the pause, back and forward keys as well, but nothing happened. A few moments later, the display came back on and the buttons became responsive again.
    Lastly, a comment. I very much prefer the “stock” installation procedure used in the current version of DX90 Rockbox over the laborious, complicated method that was used to install Rockbox on the DX50. That method is just too complex for those without programming experience. I'm pretty patient, and I had to read the instructions multiple times before I understood the procedure. There are just too many steps, and to be honest, I'm not sure I could do it again if I tried. My feeling is that the complicated install procedure has probably scared a lot of DX50 owners away from trying Rockbox, which really is a shame. I see that the next thing on the “Future improvements” list is to “add CWM Recovery.” I really hope this does not mean going back to the old install procedure.
    Also, I would appreciate some pre-installed alternate themes and fonts in the next update. The procedure for adding them just seems so daunting that I doubt I would ever try it.
    paulus germanus likes this.
  10. headwhacker

    Did you do a factory reset from the stock's settings menu. I found out that when adb can't establish a connection, a factory reset fixes it. Also try a different usb port . I think cholero had a similar issue with adb on DX50,
  11. pegasus21
    You're right about the factory reset. ADB works fine after that. Although I did reset it after installing the firmware. Thanks
  12. headwhacker

    Usually happens to me when I disconnect the USB cable on DX90 while adb session is still connected. Seems like it corrupts the cache when that happens.
  13. headwhacker
    @jj69 did you follow the instructions by Cholero when adding fonts and themes? Is it still complicated?

  14. Wyd4
    THats for all the hard work put into this release :)
    Running fairly seemlessly.
    I am struggling a bit as a rockbox noob, but getting there.
    Love that I can add that 1-2db of bass without shagging everything (Unmodded Grado's).
    Really liking it and the duel boot is a great thing!!
  15. jj69
    That doesn't look too bad.  Perhaps I'll give that a try. 
    I also found that you can easily change some of the display behavior in: Settings > General Settings > Display > LCD Settings
    Particularly useful is changing the setting marked "First Buttonpress Enables Backlight Only" to "Yes."  This makes the UI far less frustrating. 
    Like pegasus21, I too found that the backlight timings are way off.  pegasus21 found that it took double the amount of time for his screen to turn off.  Mine takes triple the amount of time.  For example, I have my backlight set to switch off after 2 seconds, but it actually takes a full 6 seconds. 
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