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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Luckbad
    Are you using anything exotic ahead of the ADI-2 DAC like one of the guys you linked? He clearly murdered his USB input with a capacitor. The other one seemed like it could have been the same as your issue, though.

    The USB input isn't isolated and the unit uses a floating ground, so I could see how a discharge could kill it.
  2. elmoe
    No, nothing like that. It was plugged directly into one of the desktop PC's USB port on the motherboard. Stock cable, stock PSU. Tried plugging in a few other devices after the DAC, all seem to be working without any issue.
  3. mgh24

    I've got one ordered :smile_phones:
  4. MikeW
    @ Elmoe

    I do sympathize with your situation. And I did have a defective ADI-2 DAC on my first order, a small screen defect, that RME distributor promptly took care of. I was so happy with the performance of the device though that the small hassle was quickly forgotton. I do find your post to be rather grandstanding. That said, if your not happy, get a refund or sell your refunded unit and move on. Not sure you'll find your desired product by strickly sticking to "American made" products, as even most of them, with exception of few (like Schiit) are designed in USA and made in china. If your refering to Dangerous Music, they do seem to be quite a good outfit. And I hope you find what you are looking for in the Convert-2. Realize, a very different product in form factor and function however. And triple the price. I'd hardly call the RME-ADI-2 "FOTM".. there are plenty of products that pop up here that fit that description, like the THX AAA 789, but the ADI-2.. not so much. Just a very happy (for the most part) customer base.
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
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  5. elmoe
    No worries Mike, I appreciated your input before buying and still do today. Moving on is exactly what I plan to do, I've been reading up about RME issues all day, this seems to be a known issue with a few more people than previously reported and the USB implementation is not sound in this unit.

    I do think this DAC is FOTY if not FOTM, it hasn't been around long enough to be anything but just yet. Doesn't mean it won't, I just won't be taking the chance again. There's plenty of bigger badder players out there.
  6. butch111
    Hrhr....i am sure rme build more dac amps than nearly all high end dac/amp-manufacturer together...so that you can read about a few faulty dacs from them is pure mathematics(thats something that some people try to teach you years ago....maybe)

    your hate speech about rme because a defect usb port (maybe your fault!) is very silly.

    rme gives us a toy we have to be only thankfuly for.

    believe, you are not the first man on earth with a case of warranty. your first world problems for getting in rage shame me a little bit.
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  7. Rattle
    As someone who is intrigued by this DAC and discussion as a US resident 6 months is BS for warranty on a $1k dac. I wouldn't buy one just for that.
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  8. Luckbad
    Check with Synthax (US Distributor). I believe it's 2 years.
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  9. CaptainFantastic
    Watch out for those American-made things. Based on this, you have to heat those Schiit USBs with a hairdrier to make them work. (https://www.audiosciencereview.com/...ing-recognized-anymore-by-windows.5943/page-3) I am sure I could dig up another 50 cases of USB issues with American-made products. Should we then consider that all American-models are not worth purchasing?

    Let me also give you my latest issue with an American company. Grace Design. I love my m900, but recently I plugged in the cheap feeling adapter and it broke (pictures on the m9xx thread). Yes, it's made in China, but it's part of the standard kit that comes with the American made m900. So I contacted support. They said that I can buy another for $35, even though I explained to them that I did nothing wrong, hit the outlet at 1mm off a perfect 90 degree angle. The adapter always felt cheap and the USB port is loose. So should I buy another one for $35 - yes $35 for a cheap thing that breaks with 6 months of normal use? They recommend it, because it's been specially selected for low-noise, they say. Does my warranty cover this? Apparently not.

    So, my point is, there are experiences and experiences. Relax and have a measured approach to your conclusions. Just go back to your original post and realize why you caused such reactions. If you would have posted along the lines of this happened, has it happened to others, seems to me that this is an issue... fine. But no, you came in on a warpath declaring the RME ADI-2 DAC worthless FOTM.
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  10. elmoe
    Perhaps you misinterpreted the intent here? I am not on "the warpath" as you put it, just disappointed (for good reason) about a device from a company that claims their USB implementation is outstanding, while it has design issues. What this comes down to is whether or not you believe the USB implementation on the ADI-2 DAC has a design issue. I believe it does, you disagree, and that's perfectly fine. I have $10 USB devices that have better surge protection than the RME that costs 100 times more, to me this is an issue that needs to be known by people who purchased or are thinking or purchasing the unit. If you'd rather stick your head in the sand and cross your fingers your unit keeps working as it has, that's also perfectly fine.

    Do you know of any company that recommends turning off both the computer and the device itself before plugging in a USB cable? It's pretty ridiculous!

    FOTM does not mean anything more than FOTM, why jump to the conclusion that it means the device is worthless, or even bad? There have been plenty of FOTM devices and headphones that became, after a few years, real contenders in their price ranges. At the end of the day, the DAC sounds great, the functionality it offers for the money is awesome, and sound quality/measurement wise, it competes with DACs several times its price. However, the fact that it was designed in a way where you can fry the USB by plugging in a "hot" cable is definitely not something I would expect from a device in that price range. The only negative thing about a FOTM device is that it hasn't been around long enough to prove its reliability. Some make it, and stick around, some don't.

    If you need to defend RME to the death on this, so be it, and if you think I am overreacting in writing off the device because it seems to me it has a major design flaw, all is well. I don't control your wallet or bank account, and you are still free to spend your money however you desire. You're comparing apples and oranges though, when you speak of the issue you had with the Grace m900 and this particular issue. You actually physically broke (an albeit cheap) adapter. You knew the adapter was cheap when you purchased the amp, it makes sense that your warranty would not cover physical damage. When I bought the RME, one of its strongest selling point was an innovative USB implementation. The issue I am having is not related to me physically breaking anything or mistreating the device in anyway (whether you choose to believe otherwise is your problem), it comes from normal day-to-day operation of the device. If you're perfectly fine knowing this, and would be willing to buy the unit again, more power to you! Personally, had I known this was an issue, I would not have purchased the unit. In fact, I purchased it partly because the USB implementation was highly acclaimed.

    At the end of the day, it's not the end of the world, and I will either sell the replacement or get a refund. No biggie. This is however, still a forum where we discuss and give opinion on gear we purchase, and not everything said needs to be positive when it isn't warranted. Prior to this issue happening, I had nothing but good things to say about this unit, and still do concerning everything other than the USB implementation, and (in my opinion) the headphone amp, which is subpar. That being said, I did not buy it for its headphone amp's quality, and so haven't even mentioned that until now. The issue here is not that "I am on the warpath", but that some people need reassurance that they spent their money wisely when buying this unit. It could be that this is the case, it could also be that your USB ports will fail after 2 years, who knows. In any case, my criticizing a unit's design is not a personal attack towards you or anyone else. I came in this thread to tell about my experience, hoping to get a few troubleshooting hints (which some people gave without getting butthurt), research the issue some more, and draw reasonable conclusions from all of it. I posted pretty much the same thing in other HiFi forums, where the responses I got were along the lines of "It looks like a few different people have had the same issue. It seems the RME USB implementation may have design issues." without anyone getting their feelings hurt as if I insulted their wives. They took it for what it's worth, and wished me luck with the RMA and my next purchase.
    Last edited: May 6, 2019
  11. CaptainFantastic
    The m900 is 550 EUR. I did not expect a cheap adapter. I said it was my observation that it was cheap, this after the purchase. American-made perfection.
  12. elmoe
    You certainly had the option to send it all back the day you received it and saw it was cheap and made in China no? :wink:
  13. CaptainFantastic
    I don't have an automatic "if it's made in China it must be bad" attitude. In fact, since a respected American company decided to use it, I gave it a shot. Cheap as it felt, the "send it back" threshold was not crossed until it actually broke months later.

    Clearly you get the point. You implied earlier, twice, that American companies have better QC than German ones. Here is a respected American company with wanting QC, based on my experience. Now I invite you to the m9xx thread. Did I come in guns blazing as you did here? You may learn if you wish, or stay the way you are.
  14. elmoe
    No, I don't get the point. You saw it was cheap, and decided to use it anyway, knowing it could very well break. It's a different situation altogether.

    Considering how you worded your experience with Grace support, I wouldn't say you didn't come in "guns blazing", although it certainly seems like you don't have a legitimate reason to. I didn't imply American companies have better QC than German ones, I took a quick stab at RME in a light hearted way and you and the other German guy blew it completely out of proportion, which I had an inkling would happen :) Add to this the condescending "I am here to teach you a lesson" quibble above and we have a perfect example of fanboi-ism.

    By the way, I am European and own/have owned several pairs of Sennheisers which I have nothing but praise for.

    Let's move on now, this is turning sour, we're derailing the thread, and you're clearly getting your feelings hurt. I'm sure German engineering will survive my criticism.
  15. butch111
    dont feed the troll anymore
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