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Rhapsodio thread

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  1. Wyville
    Thanks my friend! I can completely understand, the Eden have a very special sound and you were absolutely right in urging me to review these because it has been worth it! Really enjoyed my time with them. :)
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  2. Viler
    Allow me to spoil you regarding the Galaxy 3.0 further.
    Currently "working" under Sammy as his prototype tester unofficially, as I'm indulging into the glorious soon-to-be galaxy V3. Its comes with a custom made silver shell!
    Again as a metalhead myself, this one retains the bassy and immersive soundstage the Galaxy V2 bass version has, but further expanding and upgrading its sound compared to V2. It has all the merits of V2, but comes with a thicker sound. Bassy, immersive, and vocals that are on point- what can I ask more! IMG_20190331_022022.jpg

    I even got a custom laser printer logo on it to give me the vibes of TOTL CIEM, tehee. IMG_20190331_020904.jpg
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  3. Wyville
    Oh my.... Love those silver custom shells!
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  4. tkddud21

    It looks awesome!
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  5. Dobrescu George
  6. Obukhov
    My first Rhapsodio iem
  7. Wyville
    They look great and a very nice picture too, well made! :thumbsup:
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  8. tkddud21
  9. Obukhov
    Thanks :)
  10. Obukhov
    Hi there!
    Could somebody tell me what the Rhapsodio cable is this:
    This is my Solar came with.
  11. Solarsammy
    Seems OCC MK2
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  12. Obukhov
    Thanks for fast answer.
    Could you tell what it is made of?
    And Sammy, of course, thanks for this awesome iem! :)
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  13. Solarsammy
    5 NOcc copper
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  14. Deezel177
    Hey guys, I recently published my CanJam Singapore 2019 coverage article on TheHeadphoneList.com. At the show, two of the first in-ears I heard were Rhapsodio's latest releases: The Orla and the Iris. Immediately, I admired how gorgeous they sounded, so you can imagine my surprise when I found out they cost US$300 and US$200, respectively! Without further ado, here's an excerpt from the article:


    The next booth I visited under the SLT Technologies umbrella was Rhapsodio. My previous experience with them was reviewing their flagship Eden. I was delighted to find them as I’d been wanting to demo their all-new Orla and Iris IEMs for quite some time. To my surprise, they were relatively affordable IEMs at 300 and 200 USD, respectively. I only found this out after listening to them, and it only made my impressive, impressive listening experience all the more sweeter.


    Rhapsodio Orla: The Orla possesses a gorgeous tonal balance to my ears. It’s lightly warm, then undercut by a crystal-clear top-end. Listening to Michael Bublé’s rendition of Fever, the emotionality of the piece really comes through; the drama of the horns, the ease of the drums. All of it translates through timbre, which is an impressive feat. Articulation, clarity and detail retrieval are well done as well. The top-end possesses an accurate timbre with just the right amount of body, speed and refinement; crisp, yet likeable and forgiving. It’s neutral in tone too, as to not brighten the background.


    The stage is open and airy, but instruments are on the larger side. The resulting image is emotionally engrossing, but neither claustrophobic nor inside-the-head. In terms of translating dynamic range and the ebb-and-flow of music, I think the Orla performs better with jazz and classical than it does with rock or pop, for example. This is because its sub-bass – though extended – doesn’t necessarily add that much visceral-ness to the proceedings. Those large instruments start filling up the stage with the latter kinds of recordings as well. Truly, this is a piece where midrange dynamics shine, and a wonderful, wonderful gem for fans of jazz and classical music without sacrificing low-end content or value-for-money.

    Rhapsodio Iris: The Iris is more of an all-rounder with a more present bass response and a laid-back upper-midrange. Treble bite has been pulled back a hair for a smoother response, but it’s articulate all the same. Again, the Iris performs marvellously for its price. The stage it posits is stable, coherent and sufficiently out-of-head. The tone is lightly warm again, but the image is kept impressively clean at the same time. I think it’s a promising all-rounder that’ll resonate with a lot of people, especially those who enjoy calmer top-ends and upper-mids. With Orla and Iris, I see Rhapsodio as a dark horse in the entry-level. I hope for nothing but success, and I can’t wait to see where the company goes from here.


    I'm also glad to announce that the Orla has won a CanJam Cup award! It shares the Viva la Value award with FiR Audio's M2, which recognises in-ear monitors with the greatest price-to-performance ratios. Congratulations @Solarsammy, and I can't wait to hear the Orla in custom form! :D

    CanJam Cup 2019.003.jpeg
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  15. alpha421
    I can use another dynamic only custom. I guess the details of ordering a custom Orla is still brewing.
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