REVIEW - Yulong Audio Sabre DA8 Reference DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Jul 19, 2013.
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  1. solblack
    You will be fine[​IMG]
    I have the Darkvoice 3322 and love it!
  2. chee006
    Thats nice ti know but the 339 sounds vastly differebt than the 332. Regardless my unit will be arriving tmr and Ill post pics.

    Another question, I am upgrading from an Aune X1 Pro,is it a big leap in quality?
  3. solblack

    You will hear a big difference in your phones.
  4. j3294
    Recently I trued to update the firmware of my DA8 following the instructions in the Yulong website.

    I erased the flash by shorting the pads as shown in the photo, restart the DA8 and ran the ConfigTool.exe.

    I encountered the error message


    Looking for device

    Please Erase the device


    Tried numerous times to erase the flash and rerun the ConfigTool.exe with the same result.


    Contacted Yulong service for support and the reply was that the flash was not erased.

    I explained that I have followed the instructions to erase the flash several times without success.

    I believe the flash has been erased because now I cannot use the USB input. I get the error message (using Foolbar)


    Unrecoverable playback error; could not query sample rate


    Yulong did not respond to my request for help after several mails.

    I do not know what to try next and would appreciate some suggestions how to solve this problem,
  5. Elder

    you may try to get help from Amanero. I believe the upgrade procedure was created by them. Email to .


  6. j3294

    Elder, thanks for the suggestion. I will do that.
  7. attmci

    Let me know if you still have problem.
  8. attmci
    DA8 is a good DAC. But don't expect to use it as an amp.[​IMG]
  9. j3294

    Elder, Contacted Amanero and Dom helped to solve the problem. Had to manually install the Atmel device driver. Thanks again for your suggestion.
  10. reemo
    Anyone got problems with the unit? I have problems with display, lights itself up many times when not even touching it. Or is it suppose to work this way? Sometimes i also have to re-connect USB once in a while, hopefully its not broken or anything.
  11. solblack

    Nope, something technical is wrong so contact yulong.
  12. attmci
    Why do you need to reconnect the usb cable? Can you try other inputs?
  13. buchignani
    I have had a first edition DA8 for a number of years now and I am pretty satisfied with it as a DAC. I am not satisfied with its internal headphone amp, which for me is easily shown up by other things I use around here. [As an aside I use exclusively a range of high impedance phones, which may be challenging to the DA8.]
    So I was thinking about tinkering with it a bit. Does anyone out there have a circuit diagram of the DA8 headphone amp? I can't find one by doing Internet searches.
    I know there's a lot of surface mount stuff in there but...
  14. TominJapan
  15. Elder
    I believe DSD256 playback on a Mac is only possible with DoP, but I may be wrong. Amanero only supports DoP up to DSD128. It only supports native DSD256.
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