REVIEW - Yulong Audio Sabre DA8 Reference DAC

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by project86, Jul 19, 2013.
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  2. guido
    Hi guys

    I just picked up a Yulong DA8 with some extensive modifications installed as detailed by the German company Hoer-Wege below which should bring it in line and maybe surpass the MkII version:

    This allows us to make the DA8 a truly excellent DAC. While the original device tendenziell rather sounds "boring" and "technical", the hoer-wege DA8 is wonderful "relaxed" and "transparent" !!
    The A28 replaces and supplements more than 30 components; 12 diodes, 24 electrolytic and numerous film capacitors, and the housing is damped, etc. The new components are of the very best quality, e.g. ultra-fast, soft-recovery diodes, excluding PANASONIC FM capacitors, WIMA slides, etc. By our modification, we achieve a clear "gain" in resolution and speed with "natural" and "real" sound.
    Optionally, we would like to use a more precise 100 MHz oscillator, the CCHD-950X-25-100. The exchange can be carried out 1: 1 if the connections of the CCHD are provided with soldered "legs". All in all, this modification takes more than 3 hours despite the "small" device. But it is worth it, because "after" you have a DAC and KH-amplifier, which also loosely with much more expensive devices.

    I am looking forward to comparing it to the internal DAC of the Aries Mini ...will report back

    I am especially curious to connect its XLR outputs to my Accuphase integrated amp!
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  3. guido
    first impressions....very very good..I am really amazed at the level of detail and the soundstage presentation...I do not know how it compares to a stock DA8 but so far I am very impressed...and I have not tried the headphone output yet!
  4. guido
    does anyone have a link where I can download a user manual?
  5. guido
    Outstanding!!! I do not know how a standard DA-8 sounds but this Hoer-wege modded one is superb, definitely leagues above the BMC Puredac I owned previously..

    I am waiting for a OYAIDE CONTINENTAL 5 S USB cable to arrive...has anyone tried this USB cable?

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