Review : Sennheiser HD 25-1 II
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 I again agree with Insyte that while the HD-25 are great phones, they can't touch the 580 or 600 for soundstaging. The HD-25 put vocals dead center a bit high in the soundstage - a little bit of a disappointment. I'm not getting any sense of depth. I'm also finding they are a bit more clinical that the lusher HD589 and 600, but in a way some might appreciate. I actually think the 580 and 600 are more forgiving because of their extra soundstage and depth. I can hear the lack of musically between MP3 and AIFF files much easier with the HD25, if they are meant to be dead-on monitors, they certainly are that. They are more monitor than a relaxing lush presentation. But that isnt demeaning them, because I think they are an excellent can that pulls off being closed-back with aplomb. They're pretty damn nice for a SMALL closed can. They are analytic at the same as being pleasant to listening to: VERY well balanced and the bass is excellent. I found the velour pads to improve them, taking a bit of the impact off the bass, which I previously thought a little too strong. But with the velour pads on, it's perfect. All in all and excellent can and I would like to thank Insyte for his thoughtful appraisal of these cans. How should I sum this up? If you're looking for the end-all home listening can - the HD25 are not the answer. You'll get more subtlety from the bigger Senns, more refinement. But if you're looking for portable cans that will travel well and provide isolation, I think its going to be hard to beat the HD25-1.

This is spot on, some songs sound like crap on em, and some made me smile

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[size=small]I got mine almost a year ago and have loved every minute with them.  Strong, punchy bass with clear mids and highs. Balanced and not overpowered in any range. The soundstage is a bit lacking but that's to be expected.  They're also very light and durable. But I have a larger head and the clamping force took a bit to sort out; they're very tight and took a few weeks to break in.[/size]
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Check out the Oyaide hpc-hd25 cable if you want a nice very high quality replacement with a smaller jack housing :)
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Amperior sounds cleaner, a little less bassy, slightly better soundstaging, and the treble is more tame.  Way too sensitive in my opinion, 120 SPL is already overkill, 18 ohms instead of 70 (HD25-1) worsens to it.
You can find more comparisons and reviews and what not if you search.
You can get HD25-1 to sound more like Amperior by filling the cups with Akasa Paxmate Plus open-cell acoustic foam, the Amperior has its own acoustic foam dampening in the cups, too.  The Amperior also has the benefit of the added weight of the aluminum exteriors, which helps reduce vibration and allow the headphone to achieve better imaging and a cleaner sound.  ;]
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I am in process buying myself 1-ii, and i rly want to know if iphones output power is satisfying? i got chance to try HD 25 SP version, but volume wasnt enough loud straight from my xperia android phone.

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