Review: Questyle Audio QP1R - With Multiple Headphone and IEM Pairings

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by moedawg140, Aug 25, 2015.
  1. moedawg140 Contributor
    I do this as well. Unless it’s a CanJam-type of situation, I’ll set the player(s) with no idle shutdown, but screen turn-off after 60 seconds.
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  2. kingdixon
    Well, my update till now.

    I tried to update library like 10 times doing different ways ( moving card to different slot / modifying some tags etc.)

    But there are always files that doesnt play and say file not found, i also noticed a message after updating library that disappears quickly, but i read it finally and it say media library updated successfully, 380 files added, so apparently those were the only files added to library.

    Now i formated to fat32 and filling the card to try. (Previously was exfat), i hope this fixes the problem but still not sure .. may be exceeding file limit causes a problem also it may be tags or arabic characters, anyway will find out.

    Also, i have a question to questyle team that is not a serious problem but i have arabic song names that shows as rectangles, was trying to find other people that had some font problem to see if there is a way to add font so i didnt find any, but instead i found qp1r manual from the website ,that says there is arabic under language choices, but searched and there is not, so was this avail in an older firmware and was dropped, or it was just a future vision that was dropped also.

    And still sounds amazing :D
  3. JerryLeeds
    I hope the fat32 fixes things

    I loaded my two 400 cards from the same directory on my PC ... one card has 3 extra files .. I tried for a few days to track down the issue with no luck

    On my xmas vacation I’ll retry to reload the card with extra files again
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  4. chawya22
    I noticed, in your profile, that you have a MacBook. The Mac OS creates invisible directory files named 'DS_Store and also ._AppleDouble files'. ._AppleDouble files, when transferred to a Non Mac OS will be visible and appear as duplicates but with the ._ at the beginning of the file name. These files confuse other OS and can't be played. I don't know if this will help with your problem but as a general rule, the invisible files should be removed, after copying audio files for transfer to your player. I use a paid utility called BlueHarvest but I'm sure there are other utilities that do the same thing, that are free.
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  5. kingdixon
    Yup, thanks for the advice, i went through this during the process ..

    So my latest update, i converted to fat 32, updated the library reached 20000 limit then started handling files and added 19800 files to library, so i think this fixed it, to my surprise also using fat 32 gave a faster gui experience, something was wrong when i used exfat it was sluggish, with fat 32 its much smoother despite of the large library.


    Some missing files but better than before, problem is now the other sd slot is no use for me until file limit is lifted, already exceed on one slot.
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  6. Satir
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  7. csglinux
    Good catch there @chawya22. These silly MacOS hidden files used to play havoc with my FiiO players (although it seems to be fixed with the newer devices and firmwares). I actually never had a problem with these files on the QP1R though.
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  8. chawya22
    I never have either, because I paid my dues previously, on my DX90, AK240, Calyx M and a few other players, that I've had in my possession. So, as SOP, I always clean my files before I load them into any player. When the OP said files not found or files won't play, I immediately thought of the Mac OS invisible file nightmare as a possible cause.
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  9. rr12267
    If you are using OSX open up a terminal change directory to where your music is and run the following command. This will remove all .DS_Store directories prior to you copying them to your SD card.

    open terminal
    $ cd <location of your music>
    $ find . -iname ".ds_store" -print0 | xargs -I{} -0 rm -rf "{}"

    the argument after "xargs" is a capital i.
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  10. kino lau
    Got to do a little bit of listening last night, doubling the volume necessary with the 1.09 FW. Still would like to do a comparison against the 1.08 FW if somebody can direct me to an English version. Loading 1.08 doesn't give you the language front page so everything is in Chinese.


  11. kingdixon
    Is the language setting missing totally on the 1.08 you have, or only the dialog that appears on the first startup ?

    Because there is an option on 1.09 to change the language under the system settings,

    System settings is the last choice on the main menu and i remember the language is one of the first 3 options, if i remember correctly it was the first one.
  12. bSquared64
    You are correct, there is an option to choose the language on all fw versions, including 1.0.8 and 1.0.9.

    To change the language go to system settings and choose the last option on the bottom of the list. Once you are on the next page, choose the first option and select it. Then use the wheel to cycle through the language until you see "English" and select it with the enter button at the center of the navigation wheel.
  13. kino lau
    Swapped to 1.08 FW successfully this afternoon. Real or imagined...I prefer the sound of 1.08 over 1.09. I could simply be that I'm so used to turning the player on with the volume set at 10, and making 1-2 step increases as my ears acclimate to picking out the smallest details of what I'm listening too. I typically go no higher than 27 using the Low Gain. No change in the Battery indicator. Works fine with either FW. I love my little digital "Turntable"

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  14. UELong
    Good choice for you. My taste leans toward 0.9. The sound seems a bit mor vivid, for lack of a better more acurate description. And I like the more gradual steps (120) of the volume, and the DSD gain. I hope Questyle makes the 60 vs 120 step volume a choice setting change, rather than do away with the 120 all together. I want to keep it, but can understand why some don't like it. All-in-all, good FW update, Questyle.
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  15. goodvibes
    I'd try 1.09 one more time. FWs can not 'take' as well on rare occasion. No fault of FW or maker. Pure randomness. Your thoughts are probably correct for you but like UELong, I really think they nailed the sound on this version. It's as informative as 1.05 with more texture and weight.

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