Review: Questyle Audio QP1R - With Multiple Headphone and IEM Pairings

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by moedawg140, Aug 25, 2015.
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  1. Darren Cotter
    Has anyone contacted bSquared64 to find out what the fix is, as he requested you to do if you were still having battery indicator issues?

    If so, what was the fix?
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  2. Bambule
    I did. On 7th Dec. Unfortunately no fix information until now.
  3. Darren Cotter
    Sorry to hear that. I sold my QP1R but would get another if it could be proved that the battery indicator issue was truly resolved.
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  4. pietro77
    I sent my Qp1r under warranty to distributor,it couldn't be fix in my country, so they sent it back to China.
    When it will back to me,I will let you know is it fixed.
  5. Darren Cotter
    So was it sent back because of the battery indicator fault?
  6. pietro77
  7. Darren Cotter
    So everyone with a QP1R is going to have their unit sent back to Japan for a hardware fix if they want an accurate battery indicator?
  8. kingdixon
    I wanted to share my experience till now with the device in around 1 month usage.

    I like the player, i faced lots of problems it seems to be concerning ram and space under heavy usage but i think under normal usage there will be no issues, so not a deal breaker for me..

    Since i got it first thing i updated the firmware and the battery has been working in a good manner, dont know if mine skipped the battery problems or it takes some time to happen ..

    I use 400 gb card, with a bit more than 20000 files, the library is updated with only the limit, when i try to open a playlist containing large number of files, it takes long time and eventually gives a blue screen of death, so i stopped doing this.

    Also when i keep going manually through folders and play songs sometimes all the folders appear under one name and they are all empty then i have to restart ..

    Also, when i use it in shuffle ( my normal way to go ) with any song numbered in the library above 12000 fast forward and rewind doesnt work.

    I think all these are ram problems or how ram is handled by software and may be the reason why they dont want to increase the file limit.

    Other than that i use it under shuffle, when iam craving some song, i seek it by browsing and iam liking what i hear.
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  9. pietro77
    I believe so. I think it is hardware related issue, not firmware. (Questyle is based in China).
  10. Darren Cotter
    When I had a QP1R I always suspected that it was partly hardware related. Not only is it going to take ages to get your units back from China, it will only get worse if the takeup is high.

    They will also have to recall all of their existing unsold stock. Maybe at some point though, you will be able to purchase a correctly functioning (Modified) unit off the shelf?
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  11. bSquared64
    Hey Guys.

    We've just returned from our holiday break and hope you all had a very Merry Christmas or fantastic Hanukah and a very festive New Year celebration!!

    Thus far, I have only received messages from 7 people that are complaining of still experiencing battery indicator issues. Is there anyone else here experiencing this, or any other issue with their QP1R, that hasn't yet contacted me? If so, please PM me your contact information as soon as possible so we can assist each and every one of you individually with any troubles you are experiencing

    Those of you who have sent there info in, I will be in touch with you very shortly as we get caught up from being away for the holidays.

    On behalf of all of us at Questyle we wish you all the very best for the new year!! May 2018 bring you all good health, happiness and prosperity, and I assure you, a fully working QP1R!
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  12. Darren Cotter
    So is it a hardware or software issue? If it is in fact software, surely the fix would be the same for everyone and be easier to publish here?

    I would get another QP1R tomorrow if the battery indicator issue was 100% guaranteed fixed.
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  13. bSquared64
    There is no recall, or any plans of such, or any need to. Thus far, there are extremely few players that are still experiencing an issue with the battery indicator after the update, so far 7 here and 2 outside of the head-fi community, of the thousands that are out there! It would obviously be ridiculous to recall all of them because of a very few players. That said, I am sure those of yo that are still experiencing an issue don't want to hear any of this, only want YOUR player to work correctly and we assure you that we will make that so.
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  14. Darren Cotter
    It was 10 posts up that pietro77 said he/she were sending their unit back. to China, because of the battery fault. This lead me to believe, understandably, that it was a hardware issue and therefore a recall was going to be necessary. Please take it up with pietro77 if take issue with anything regarding his statement.

    Had Questyle published the procedure to go through to fix the on-going battery issue with the new firmware, rather than to just request members to PM you individually for a fix, there would have been no room for confusion.
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  15. bSquared64

    Hi kingdixon.

    Though the new 400GB cards apparently work with the QP1R, the fw was originally written to accommodate up to 128GB. We verified with the last few fw updates that it functions as it should with the 200GB cards. Anything above 200GB is not verified to function correctly with all of the QP1Rs functions and features.
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