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[Review] Noble Audio Kaiser 10 - The Wizard Rises Again

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  1. Girls Generation
    I think this is the most difficult decision of my entire headphone hobby life to put the cash down on the Kaiser 10 since I recently started another hobby....
  2. Thracian
    What kind of other hobby do we have other than audio? This thing takes up too much of my damned time!
  3. newdm

    Are there any plans for a European reseller, to avoid customs?
  4. Sorensiim
    Get in touch with Paul, Head-Fi username OK-Guy. He's the Noble rep in the UK [​IMG]
  5. Nichief

    But in all actuality the process is much more expedited if I send them straight to China correct? Also one more thing, being this is quite a leap after having only sampled high end phonics through the SM3 some years ago I just wanted to be clear on something. The only flaw someone was able to see was these sets are quite neutral for their tastes, no significant boost in any aspect. Would they still be congruent to the musicality and organic feeling of say a tubed SE-way or a UM Miracle? Any help would be appreciated! (also made appointment for ear impressions tmr, banking (lol bounced checks from now on) on having the x5 and k10 happen in hopefully the same month [​IMG])
  6. newdm
    That's a good idea, thank you! [​IMG] 
  7. Kunlun

    Maybe his new hobby is saving money?
  8. Kunlun

    I can tell you the Kaiser 10 is a very musical earphone. No worries at all there!
    Also, I wouldn't say that the process is expedited by sending directly to China. I've done both and I would go with sending to Noble in California if you are in the U.S.
  9. Girls Generation
    You can try this one :)
  10. chiman
    You make shoes?
  11. OK-Guy
    feel free to email me... I don't bite, honest.
  12. kissmevn
    Anyone, please ? [​IMG]
  13. Nichief
    Okay, so I'm three keystrokes away from completing this purchase, and while I'm still committed to the performance, something about the SE 5-way keeps tugging at my ear's peripheral. Is there any difference I should be aware of besides the 5-way's stage monitor tuning vs the neutral/slightly warmish sound of the Kzar 10s? I was quite fond of my older SM3's and the Denon 2000's at one point if that's any indication of my preference, that being said which is closer?
  14. Mimouille

    You could either wait for Tupac to get his K10 to ask him, or ask user Greed who owns the SE5 and tried the K10 demo.
  15. SDBiotek
    I have no experience with the SM3s, but the K10 does remind me of the Denon D2000 in some ways. The K10 has some warmth and bass impact, but the bass seems tighter and better extended. The treble maybe is a bit less sparkly, but I notice more subtle details with some wind instruments. Vocals are not as in your face compared with the Denons. The presentation is intimate if it's in the recording, or spacious if the music was recorded and mixed that way. I haven't had much listening time yet with my K10s, but as others have noted, they can handle any genre.
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