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REVIEW: Comparison of 5 High End Digital Music Servers - Aurender N10, CAD CAT server, TotalDac d1-Server, Auralic Aries, Audiophile Vortex Box

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by romaz, Nov 9, 2015.
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  1. Whazzzup
    I’ll wait for a reply....is innous really a high end server renderer. Not picking on it, it’s popular for sure, saw a vid on internals, not that impressive but I never heard it so....I’m just wondering what’s all the fuss as well. My antipodes seems to be more than enough on its own but maybe I’m clueless.
  2. kennyb123
    “More than enough” isn’t the endgame for many or maybe even most audiophiles. Good for you if you aren’t feeling the itch to see if further gains can be made above what your Antipodes is feeding your DAC. The reports on the tx-USBultra are almost all universally positive, regardless of the server. I anticipate pursuing this or the Innuos PhoenixUSB at some future point.
    so this phoenix usb will replace all otf this - tx-usbultra, sclk-ocxo10 and sps-500 - in one box and less price? looks interesting.
  4. Whazzzup
    Thx I book marked sotm, 1200$ sheesh. Look into it more. Hey I’m open to ideas but let me get this straight. Innous-sotm-mscaler-dac. That’s a bunch of bucks to get a signal to the dac. I can’t convince myself on mscaler because I only have a single bnc in my tt...I’m not putting anything down except wow. Antipodes took my enjoyment up to a level I didn’t realize was possible.
    I think we are in early days of sorting out what’s necessary what’s add on what’s marketing what actually is unnecessary what can be integrated into a server, a dac, what needs to be stand alone and prices....what will come down.... I’m waiting this out I think. Maybe in a few years with new model release we get this sorted, integrated, and more affordable....
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  5. Clive101
    Been lurking for a while and just purchased an Antipodes CX EX combo. I did not bother to try the sotm USB ultra in the chain as the combo was sounding so good.
    I always thought I might try the sotm back in the chain and since there are a few people wondering and I also have an interest will try next week and report back.
    Roon server sounds better than Squezzebox server and not a small difference either with CX EX.
  6. kennyb123
    The PhoenixUSB includes a linear supply similar to the one in the Statement, but with only 3 rails. A big part of its cost is this linear supply.

    I'm not exactly why they went with 3 rails. My guess is the incoming USB receiver gets one, and the outgoing USB receiver gets another. Not sure about the third.

    The tx-USBultra only has a single power input - so they can't be implementing a similar scheme. How much that might matter is unclear to me.
    try it. it should be very interesting if CX-EX would sound better with tx-ussbultra. I had CX before, but without EX - it is a great server - I moved to supercomputer only becouse i wanted more power for HQP, but maybe I was wrong.
  8. kennyb123
    You are doing exactly the right thinking. Like you, I had a Hugo TT. I went through a similar thought process. Like you, I decided I would first upgrade my server. I didn't go as far as you as too much is changing in that space and I didn't want to have too many dollars tied up there.

    Having owned the TT, I think your next best move is the TT2. While the M-Scaler improved the TT substantially, TT2 without M-Scaler sounded better to me than TT with M-Scaler.
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  9. kennyb123
    What I stated above about the power supplies in the Phoenix wasn’t accurate. This is informative:

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  10. Clive101
    Hello All,
    Just tested the SOtM tX-USBultra with a Paul Hynes power supply with the Antipodes CX EX combo.
    It was quite a quick test and I preferred the SQ without the SOtM.
    The vocals were a little harsher and silibrant with the SOtM. Overall a little more bright.
    The SOtM is up for sale if any one is interested.
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  11. STR-1
    @Clive101 did you have a good power cable feeding the Paul Hynes (an SR4 or SR7 supply?)? Was SOtM being powered at 9V or 12V? 12V sounds best to my ears (a 9V unit can be converted to 12V by removing the jumper from the R342 socket in easy reach once faceplate is removed - see photo).

    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
  12. Clive101

    Thank you for the info on changing from 9 volt however, I have a 12 volt and I use a Paul Hynes SR5.

    I use supra mains cable for all my equipment

    https://www.futureshop.co.uk/supra-lorad-mkii-2-5-cs-bs-16-amp-mains-cable-custom-length?msclkid=57873b280972122cd8f066b38c982ab3&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping Campaign&utm_term=4585925560983036&utm_content=Ad group #1

    Power treatment is with a Torus AVR2 16 amp with dedicated power cable direct from the consumer unit.


    I have tried the SOtM with a different set up Melco N1Z into a Dave Mscaler with a Woo WA33 similar results

    Hope this helps

    Edit With the Meclo Dave Mscaler Woo WA33 I used a pilot pro 2 battery power pack
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
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  13. nomad777
    I have the cx/ex combo and it does sound better with the usbultra I also have the word clock. So definitely worth attaching.
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2019
  14. bmichels
    Has someone compared the Aurender W20 with the new W20SE version ? I have W20 and wonder if upgradingh will make a substantial sonic difference !
  15. Whazzzup
    Good to see antipodes audio starting to get feedback here at head fi. Bout time, it was kinda lonely sitting with this magnificent server,,,
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