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REVIEW: Comparison of 5 High End Digital Music Servers - Aurender N10, CAD CAT server, TotalDac d1-Server, Auralic Aries, Audiophile Vortex Box

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by romaz, Nov 9, 2015.
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  1. Fredoo
    Please find my journey with TLS, be aware:


    Tldr: I’ve been naïve, I’ve trusted TLS. Overall TLS is very polite and responsive, but clearly promises more than they can deliver. TLS ignores me now, with a $1500 deposit still at TLS..

    Let me start saying that when the OneServer appeared on my radar, this was the one box server that ticked all my boxes. Based on some experiences with the TLS clocked switches I thought they know their stuff [but perhaps was more a lucky shot]. As TLS is a young company, I asked a fellow forum member for his thoughts on TLS, this was positive. Having a weakness for small innovative ‘start up’ companies, this was reassuring enough. I was also very pleased that my long search for an one box server could finally be over, so I decided to pull the trigger so that I could start experience a new ‘musical enjoyment’ with this top-of-the-line server.

    After ordering the OneServer (June 2018), it has been delayed countless time. TLS failed to manage a honest/trustworthy delivery process. The each time some kind of a reason/excuse (delayed enclosure, transformer, OPPO getting out of business, snow, ..). With all the ongoing delays of the OneServer I was worried that I would’ve get stuck with an already outdated server the moment it arrives at my doorstep. (AL/NUC based setup got traction).

    After expressing my concern is about a board/proc of the OneServer (dec 2018), my wishes appeared to be answered. Without going into too much details, TLS was developing a NUC based server with 2 very ‘innovative’ complementary products and some major component improvements... this must be the holy grail...!! [I naively thought...]. I upgraded my order, with a price increase of about 15-20%, with an ETA of march/April 2019. Please note: Till this day none of these new complementary products/developments have appeared on the TLS website nor have been mentioned at any online community that I’m aware of.

    The very next working day, a big change in my personal circumstances entered the stage (we needing to move to a new house/location). Despite my enthusiasm I wanted to cancel the order to have a clear focus, e.g. I even didn’t know if a dedicated listening room would be possible in the new house. So I asked to cancel the order. Then also I asked TLS to propose how we could end our ‘business relation’ in a respectful manner.

    When I noticed the failed TLS job in post 40 of this topic (June 2019), I was amazed and utterly disappointed. That could have been me, waiting a year for a top-of-the-line server and receiving a… well, I can’t describe it other than a complete disrespect to customers solution. So besides trying to warp up my order with TLS ignoring 5 emails, now a month has past, I felt a strong urge to share my experience with fellow forum members to put my previous (too enthusiastic) posts about TLS in a proper context. This way fellow forum members/potential customers make their own informed decision.

    I could write a book about my ‘emotional’ journey: the countless times I checked my mail hoping for e.g. an update on delivery, it has been a frustrating journey.. Looking back the change in personal circumstances was the best thing that could happen at the moment, otherwise I would have ended deeper in the rabbit hole... I guess there is a very slim chance TLS will come with a proposal to finish our ‘business relation’ in a respectable manner, I’m not holding my breath. Looking back, I made a bad decision. Be aware!
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  2. allhifi
    Thanks for sharing. That's brutal. Who is (was -?)TLS ?

    Did you get your money back ?

  3. Fredoo
  4. allhifi

    Wow. You are a (very) patient (and nice) man !

    What they have done is a SCAM/Fraud/Crime. Call cops/fraud squad: GEt Your Money Back. IMMEDIATELY !

    And never repeat.

    Please keep all posted.

    (P>S. I'll look em up -and send them my thoughts. )
  5. ZappaMan
    I always thought it was a bit strange that they didn’t publish a price for the one server. I got the feeling theyd charge as much as you could afford.
  6. allhifi

    http://www.thelinearsolution.com/one_server.html : Stylish website. Big talk. NO internal images(s) ? Chinese company ?

    http://www.thelinearsolution.com/streamer.html : SAME thing; no internal images. NO SPEC'S. No Sweet 'F-ALL' ????

    JOKERS. Worse more; scammers/theifs.

    GET your money back. TODAY. Call cops/fraud VISA/MC -involve BANK, PAYPAL etc.


  7. allhifi

    Hi Freedoo: I can't seem to get these weasel-business TLS theifs from my mind -nor more importantly your money ($1,500. USD???)

    So when you say:

    " .....Overall TLS is very polite and responsive, ..... TLS ignores me now, with a $1500 deposit still at TLS .... "

    .... using terms such as "POLITE", and "RESPONSIVE" (as they ripped you off for a considerable sum) are hardly
    words I'd choose.

    It's time to (AS IN RIGHT NOW):

    1) Get your money back

    2) Expose such criminal beahviour.

    3) Seek further compensation

    Please PM me with company/contct details.

    In the meantime, round-up some of thr others who ot ripped-off
    and begin some legal action ....

  8. Fredoo
    Thanks for your concerns pj, ‘overall’ is an important element: In the beginning the contact was positive, which went from bad to worse.

    I was naive and got burned. I’ve not yet decided what I’ll do with the deposit, don’t know if it is worth the effort/negative energy. At this moment most important is to share my experience, so others can make an informed decision on doing business with TLS.
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2019
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  9. allhifi

    Fredoo: You are WAY-TO nice! (?)

    (RE: " ...I’ve not yet decided what I’ll do with the deposit, don’t know if it is worth the effort/negative energy ..."

    YES, it IS worth the effort. Get your money back. If you think for one moment these 'clowns' have something
    waaaay-better than what's currently available -you are wrong. In fact, let's move it forward logically: they (TLS)
    have absolutely NOTHING -other than your money.

    Although your concerns for 'others' is admirable, I strongly recommend you get your money back (now), and if ever
    this company releeases anything (I doubt it), or anything "spectacular" (I doubt even more), look for a used one the
    following year for 1/2 or 1/5-10th it's original bogus value.

    Do it now,


    (P.S> " ]overall’ is an important element: In the beginning the contact was positive, which went from bad to worse."

    NO, it's not. We are in the here/now; time has elapsed upon which true colors have emerged. Being "sweet-talked"
    in the beginning is the oldest trick/ploy in the book -and used by these TLS clowns.

    Save your 'niceness' for those deserving. )
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  10. allhifi

    austinpop: Indeed, Roy's contributions are priceless- very insightful. Precisely what one would expect from commercial audio mag's -that's proven NOT to be the case.
    Far more hand-on experience/expertise can be garnered from site/writer's such as we have here. Indeed, such (instant) valuable information signals the beginning of the end
    to mainstream hi-fi "Rag's". I'll be particularly thrilled to see Stereophile/file/fool magazine bite the dust; I cannot think of another hi-fi source so poorly written/reviewed. It
    appears there's bunch of old men in Depends with soothers in their teeth-less chops rambling about music centuries past and how a new/reviewed component sounds in their
    just as old hi-fi. It's so bad it's embarrassing to read. It's so sad that it's funny. In fact, it's offensive -seeing how it may influence the unknowing. lol

    In any case, what can be respectfully gleaned from such sites as HeadFi (and contributors such as Roy) far outstrips anything from conventional sources.

    Yet, I must touch upon a comment you made regarding the validity of a respected 'reviewer' -such as Roy. When you said:

    " ....So many - myself included - have tried your recommendations, and raised the SQ of our systems tremendously. Ultimately that is the true test for
    whether your findings can be trusted."

    Roy's dedicated/passionate experiments/comments can only serve as a (very good) guideline -for the simple fact that there remains considerable variables
    within our systems set/up that can skew results profoundly. A complete/total understanding of these associated factors is required in order to generally validate
    (or refute) ones own personal interpretations. Naturally, with sites/forums such as Head-Fi, strength can be found in numbers; the more consensus formed, the
    higher the odds of a successful implementation of a recommendation -or indeed similarities concerning SQ observations.

    Bottom line: Put down those old (once trusty ? lol ) hi-fi mag's and find sites (such as Head-Fi) and similar to much further our collective wisdom.

    Thank you to all contributor's.

    May music continue to shine on ... and those so inspired from it.

    I also have solid server - nor the Statement, but Lampizator Supercomputer, whci feeded Lampizator GG2 DAC. then I insert sr=treamer Auralic Aries G2 between them and got solid SQ improvement. I use sotm cat7 cable between server and streamer and usb endorphin between streamer and DAC. but now I am thinking - can I improve SQ further if I put tx-usbultra between streamer and DAC? or if I have good femto clock inside Aries G2 I don't need any usb reclocking furthe?
  12. Whazzzup
    How many clocks you need? You want to reclock a clock so it can feed another clock?
    Am I missing something here?
    Why would I put anything between my antipodes DX and my TT dac other than my chord super array t digital USB? What’s with these boxes why should they do anything except pollute the chain?
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  13. motberg
    I think some of those folks getting improvement from the tx-usbultra used between near state-of-the-art products may be using a 10M master clock to the tx-usbultra.. so you may want to research that before committing - and make sure to buy anything with some trial period for testing in your rig. As you have already determined above, there can be changes to the SQ dependent of intermediate clocking/isolation steps, regardless of the "last clock" theory... I think your best resource would be other Lampizator users, but you can also check if the G2 can be upgraded with some OCXO(s) with dedicated power supply for the OCXO's.
    I don't really know. I am just asking. Mrs May from SoTM said their clock is specialized and very great, but I don't know is it much better some femto clock inside Aries G2. so I asked is anybode tried tx-usbultra after hi-end streamers. I see some guys use it with great servers - such as Innuos Statement ect. and they use it instead using some renderer. but if I already have server and renderer, very good renderer, can I improve sound with usb reclocking?
    Thank you very much, I will try investigate this issue more. maybe I need tx-usbultra only with master clock - but this is absolutely another budget, I am not ready for this right now, but can be ready in the future.
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