Review: CEntrance DACport Slim DAC/Amp Combo
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Centrance confirms there's no support for UAC1, so that's a bummer. No Slim for me then:frowning2:
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Thank you for the interesting impressions. Have you had a chance to listen to the HD version? If so, how does it compare to the Slim, and to the other DAC/AMPs mentioned?
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The responses were worth the wait, thank you. Last question is, how much of a noticeable difference Is there between using the Dacport Slim out vs say an iPhone 6?​

This depends on various factors, but the differences aren't as broad with IEMs as it is with headphones as the DACport Slim is more powerful than the comparatively less powerful iPhone 6.
  Was this the Geek Out Version1 or the current?latest Version 2? Seems the Version 2 is significantly improved over the first version. 
I never took to the first version. Very detailed and transparent but lacked didn't sound engaging or musical to me. Lacked fullness and warmth. 
So I may really prefer the Dacport Slim. But as for "heft and bite"...what do you mean? When you say fullness it sounds like full mids but when you say heft and bite, sounds like V-shape--bass boost and treble brightness. 

This was the Version 1.​  The DACPort Slim did not sound particularly V-shaped to me, more like a balanced, with slight bass gradient sound signature.
  Thanks for the review! I wanted to do one myself, but it seems that CEntrance aren't answering my emails at the moment 

In regard to harder to drive headphones, are you sure that the HE1000 is a good test of that? I mean, after all, the HE1000 only has a 35 ohm rating, which is closer to portable than anything. Sure, it benefits from power, but it sounds good out of an iPhone 6 as well...
Do you have a K7XX, HD600/650, or a Beyer T90 to pair it up with? That would really test if it was meant for harder to drive headphones, IMO.

I used harder to drive headphones such as the HD650, DT 770 600 ohm version and HE1000 with the Questyle QP1R, and the DACport Slim powered the HE1000 to louder volume levels, which means I would presume the DACport Slim should power harder to drive headphones to at least normal listening levels.  With that said, every headphone and listener is different, so it may be best to try your specific preferred combination (headphone, source, etc.) and choose what sounds the most optimal to you.
Did you ever get a chance to compare to the Dragonfly 1.2? Having a hard time deciding on a DAC/AMP with so many options out there.

Not yet.  I will update the thread once I have the chance to.
Any word on how it pairs with Android devices?

Please check the Compatibility section of the review.
  Thank you for the interesting impressions. Have you had a chance to listen to the HD version? If so, how does it compare to the Slim, and to the other DAC/AMPs mentioned?

I haven't had a chance to listen to the HD version yet.
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I asked Centrance about DSD rate & it seems to be 64xDSD only, inasmuch as I've got such a shaggy answer. I'm really not ready to take a risk of purchase without knowing it. 

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I backed the HD on indiegogo. This makes me think it will be money very well spent. Excellent review, Moedawg - very concise. This could be a bang for the buck legend before long.
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Am I missing it here, or it was not mentioned - what exactly DAC chip is used in the Slim? The same Verita, as in HD? Or a different chip?
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Thanks, that's what I thought, just could not find any confirmation.
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Oops, just joined the drop :)
If it can outperform the Geek Out 720 I'll be pleasently surprised, if not it will have to live in my office......

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