Reveal Plugins - DSP for Audeze Headphones.
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I'm prepared to run this through Audeze support - but I'd be grateful for any experienced Head-fi User with experience with

Audirvana + Reveal+

I got some new gear today and wanted to test out reveal plus with my new amp and new headphones. Unfortunately - while I can seem to enable Audirvana in Reveal+ - it only makes a sound change if I enable that rather bizarre Aural Map - which seems to be modeling some kind of live environment through the headphones which is not what I want. Is that all Reveal+ can do? I'm looking for straightforward EQ compensation for my new LCD-2s. Unfortunately - when I disable the aural map (which seems to model studios or something of the sort, and speaker systems) - - while enabling the LCD-2 preset - I get nothing. If I raise the lower the gain all the way on the front menu, clearly nothing is happening. Any tricks? I'm streaming from Tidal and Qobuz. Thanks
You could enable the aural map And turn its effect down to 0 making it bypassed.
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I installed the new Reveal 2.0. However, I cannot turn off the studio effects. The help file for the new interface did not help either. What should I do to be able use the headphone presets without studio effects?

They are on even if I turn off the ambients, as follows:

Update: Solved.
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Reveal is part of my regular system hosted by Audirvana on a 2019 MacBook Pro 16Gb RAM. However, I can only use it in minimum phase/zero latency mode. If I engage any of the linear phase settings I get clicks and pops during playback.

Is this a known issue? Is there a way to resolve this?
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I replied to the e-mail from Reveal / Embody regarding their new updates to Reveal, but I did not get an answer back. Has the 64bit plug-in been made 4K resolution capable? I'm not going to drop all that money if I can't read the screen in native resolution. I would love to purchase to full suite, but its almost useless to me when I have to change my resolution to enjoy music.
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Has the plugin been updated to work with the 2021 Lcd X/C revisions?
I really hope so. Though I don't believe the Reveal plugin has made distinctions between revisions in the past...
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I suppose this is because the revisions are not meant to change the sound signature but tweak it. Maybe the 2016 revision will require 30% preset to sound like the 2021 version does at 25%.
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Anyway so far to use the plugin with Apple Music? Currently leveraging Roon but enjoying the quality of AM lossless over tidal, just need the proper EQ settings to get the most out of my headphones.

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