Reveal Plugins - DSP for Audeze Headphones.

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  1. Nec3
    Nice plugin, the iSine 20 still has a hint of the midrange bump that can make vocals sound a bit honky at louder volumes, but for other songs the VST makes vocals sound effortless. I'm using the VST plugin with yohng's VST wrapper for Foobar2000 and it works great, it's a fairly easy setup.

    Shame there isn't a way to use VST plugins for the entire Windows operating system.
  2. KMann
    Yes there is a way. I use it if I wanted to watch Netflix. There is more than one way, but the easiest is through Jriver (not free, but less than $50). Load the VST preset in Jriver. JRiver has a virtual driver. Make the virtual driver the default driver. Then within Jriver set the output to your DAC. Any Music you play is now routed through Jriver and the preset.
  3. Zapp_Fan
    So, gave this a quick try to see what it sounds like (unfortunately don't own any Audeze cans, but was curious). Is this basically a convolver that compensates for the IR of the headphone?
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  4. zabzaf
    So I've downloaded the installer for Mac, ran it, but cannot find the .vst anywhere. Where does the installer place it on the Mac? Plan on using the plugin with JRiver.
  5. zabzaf
    Nevermind. I just found it...
  6. MattTCG
    This plug in is working beautifully with my isine 20. Will there be a profile for the upcoming lcd-2c?
  7. KMann
    Yes. We will continue to add all future models.
  8. fradoca
    great plugin.I advise you all to lower the output gain at least by 4dB to avoid clipping.In Jriver for example with sox oversampling enabled on pcm sources and the reveal plugin engaged the overflows get to 115-120% with very loud recordings if you keep the gain of the plugin at 0 dB
  9. KMann
    There is an Equalizer APO option too for Windows that is free. You need the latest version, but APO has some quirks sometimes you won't know if it is engaged.
    APO VST How-to.jpg
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  10. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Does this work with Audirvana or Amarra?
  11. Audeze
    we have tested it with Aduirvana.
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  12. KMann
    Yes with Audirvana. It was one of the players we used for testing. A+ supports AU plugin. Please see below on how to set it up. Amarra does not support plugins directly, but we are looking to see if it is possible to integrate.
  13. MacedonianHero Contributor
    Perfect...thanks!!!! Worked like a charm!
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  14. MacedonianHero Contributor
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  15. Matias
    To whom it may help, I have Win10 x64 and JRiver 22. After a full install, in order to add the plugin I had to find "Reveal.dll" under C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VstPlugins. Then JRiver adds it and by checking the checkbox on the menu to the left it works OK.

    With a 2014 LCD-XC the initial impression is a darker flavor to the tonality.
    With a 2017 LCD-X a little darker and more subbass too.
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