Reveal Plugins - DSP for Audeze Headphones.

Discussion in 'Sponsor Announcements and Deals' started by Audeze, Nov 1, 2017.
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  1. roadcykler
    Nevermind. No idea what happened but I deselected the 64 bit versions and it seems to have worked, for now.
  2. KMann
    The VST adapter for Foobar works with 32 bit only. Glad you got it to work.
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  3. reddington
    Am pretty new to this so please bear with me. Will the Foobar+DSP work if I am using a line out to an external DAC?
  4. sup27606
    If the pc running foobar is connected to the external DAC through USB and you are using its line out, then yes, it will work. The DSP settings are being applied to the digital signal itself.
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  5. Xennon
    I really like what Audeze has made here, thanks a lot for giving us an option to polish the sound we get from our already great phones. I am sure the settings have been optimized for all models very carefully.

    The result I got with my 2014 LCD-XC is more coherent mid-high transition and more accurately tamed upper high airiness. The setting at 100℅ is too dark to my taste, but around 25%, compared to the flat sound, I receive a more balanced treble response without losing the enjoyable XC-style sparkle. Moreover, I think the sound is more homogeneous overall with some more warmth. No need to say that all these 'little' changes are great improvements in the eyes of an audiophile.
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  6. Topodomain
    Is it possible to get Reveal working in Linux? Maybe with Steinberg VST?
  7. Taowolf51
    Very interesting, I’ll definitely be giving the equalizer APO version a shot once I’m back at my main system (on vacation for the holidays).

    I’d like to add my voice to the choir asking for an iOS version of this plugin if at all possible as I will likely be setting up a nighttime listening station with an iPad on music transport duty.
  8. KMann
    A plugin that can do system wide convolution/presets etc on iOS or Android would very likely require a Root or Jail break unless Android and Apple start supporting a potent DSP engine at the OS level for system wide use. One reason why you do not see many apps that already do this. The alternative is to create our own Music App, which would be a huge undertaking and it would still not be system wide.

    For your specific use case, to get the presets on iOS, the one alternative you have is Roon. Roon now supports iOS playback, a Roon core can do the presets and stream to the iOS endpoint connected to a DAC/Amp.
  9. 7onyMustDive
    One thing I noticed with the Roon preset for the LCDi4 with the Linear Filter is on high frequencies their seems to be a slight static noise. It's gone though once I set the "Volume Leveling" setting to Auto.
  10. Taowolf51
    Thanks for the quick reply! I had a feeling that was the case. Hopefully you guys release a desktop dac/amp/DSP box in the future that can store Reveal settings...a “Cipher Block” if you will. :wink:

    Unfortunately, I get a lot of my music from Spotify Premium. IIRC, Roon does work through Tidal, so it may be worth looking into that as an option.

    By the way, I remembered I have my laptop with me, so I got it set up with equalizer APO and it’s pretty nice so far. I’ve only been listening to it (with the LCD-2 preset on my 2C’s) for a couple minutes so I’ll hold my impressions for now, but first impressions are positive. I appreciate Audeze taking steps to acclimate the high end market to DSP, I really feel as though it’s the future.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2017
  11. KMann
    When you engage the DSP engine in Roon, it is recommended to set the Headroom to -3dB, this would prevent any clipping. An alternate option is the automatic volume leveling which would play all tracks at a similar loudness and would also likely prevent clipping.
  12. KMann
    Good to know this worked out for you and thanks for your feedback. We will update Reveal and Roon with dedicated LCD2c presets near end of Jan, but LCD2 presets should work too depending on your preferences.
    I am still searching the location of .VST on my MAC. Please help :)
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2018
  14. KMann
    You will find them here:
    Macintosh HD:/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/ (AU)
    Macintosh HD:/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/VST/ (VST)

    But you may have to access the hidden folder and to do you may have to type the following in the terminal:
    defaults write AppleShowAllFiles YES
    Thanks for the help. I am able to locate the file now.
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