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Recommendations for neutral bluetooth in ear headphones - sound, not price

  1. CN VIII
    Recommendations please for neutral sound profile wireless earbud in ear bluetooth headphones.

    Priorities in descending order:
    1. Sound quality - must be neutral (essential)
    2. Portability - must be truly wireless and if not in use, stored in recharging case in jacket pocket (essential)
    3. Noise isolation/cancellation - either passive via deep fit into ear canal with snug fit eartips (I use small-medium ear tips) or active noise cancelling, as shall be using on flights, trains and metro (tube) commute
    4. Battery life - absolute minimum 2 hours’ battery life from per charge, 4+ hours’ preferred
    5. Price - no fixed budget

    Not desired, but prepared to consider:
    Models requiring custom ear molds, providing those ear molds can be obtained in Europe.

    Not interested in:
    Over ear, on ear, wireless with neck band models; anything with a bass-enhanced or otherwise non-neutral sound profile.

    The closest bluetooth earbuds I have found so far:
    Trinity Phantom Air v2 with neutral filters (I received v1 and v2 from the Kickstarter campaign).

    My current wired headphones: Etymotic ER-4SR (current model)

    Previous headphones: Etymotic ER-4P (bought 2003).

    What are you recommendations (and advice for what to avoid)?

    Thank you in advance for your help.
    Last edited: Jun 5, 2018
  2. yong_shun
    You can consider Jabra E65T. The clarity is good but I feel that there is lack of bass but this can be solved using the EQ. The fitting is good for me but it is subjective to ear canal size and ear shape. The other model that can be considered is Soul ST-XS. A tiny earbuds with powerful sound! The overall presentation is more engaging and fun as compared to Jabra E65T.

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