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Recommendations for $50-$150 closed headphones

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by cpach, Jan 14, 2019.
  1. cpach
    I'd appreciate some recommendations for some closed back headphones, preferably from about $50-$150 that work well monitoring when recording, and I will use largely when composing/producing music on my laptop and listening to music when I'm in coffee shops and the like, or when I want to listen to music with my wife in the room and don't want to wear IEMs. I also am physically pretty rough on headphones, so I value a balance between price and durability. Smaller is nice so long as they isolate well and are reasonably comfortable. I do own a nice dedicated amp but for these I'll probably mostly be running from the onboard sound on my Macbook Pro, so they need to be fairly efficient and low impedance. I'd like sound quality to be as good as possible, but will listen on open back headphones or IEMs when I really want the best fidelity, so these won't be my primary headphones for "serious" listening.

    I tend to favor generally neutral setups, with if anything a bit of a bright sound, and don't mind if bass impact isn't too significant so long as extension is low and fairly natural. I listen predominantly to a lot of classical, but also some IDM-y electronica, alternative rock, and metal. My most recent high end open back headphones are AKG-K701s which I like pretty well--better than the Sennheiser HD580s I used to have, mostly owing to a more natural feeling high end. I think maybe my favorite headphone sound was the Etymotic ER-4Ps I used to have.

    Anyone got good recommendations? I really appreciate the help.
  2. H T T
    The ATH-M40x and Sony 7506 are two headphones worth investigating.
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  3. blackdragon87
    I recently got the A990z from AT and been enjoying them alot They are closed.
  4. cpach
    Thanks for the advise guys, A990Z looks great but is above my price point for a headphone that isn't my primary for intentional recreational listening. I decided to pick up the M40X--I liked the reviews I read, price point is very reasonable, and they look sturdy. I'll post an update this weekend with my impressions, both with how I intend to use them (straight out of the laptop and the smartphone) but also through an external sound interface run into a high end dedicated amp).
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  5. milesjunkie
    This minute I just happen to be listening on my trusty old Beyerdynamic DT250/250 which I still reckon is a fantastic closed can. Ugly - hell yes. Bulletproof - check.
    Showing as 199 on Amazon but you definitely see it lower than that...it’s decidedly out of fashion.

    It’s also available in an 80ohm version slightly cheaper.
  6. SHAMuuu
    Sometimes on Amazon UK, you can get a dt150 for around 150US.
    I am confident it is superior to dt770 (which i also think is a fun phone closed back)
  7. SonyFan121
  8. SonyFan121
    What you've said indicates to me that you would really like the Sony MDR 7510. When you get a chance you should try the MDR 7510. I reckon you would really like it. I use mine's for the same reasons you would (monitoring/recording but I also use it for mixing/mastering too. It is accurate enough for that.) In fact, it is just as accurate as any $400 + headphone i've heard, and it even scales with my higher-end amps and cd player. Don't let it's great price deceive you into thinking it's just an average headphone.
  9. milesjunkie
    Agree on the 150 as well. Gave mine to a fellow headphone geek when his 150 fell apart after 15 years of daily use.
  10. SHAMuuu
    If by fell apart you mean pads/headband or what? :p
    I have some older beyer with same design (dt480 x 4) which is like almost 50 years old, and all in Mint condition working. And some 2000ohm dt100 which look to be more than 10-20 years old also perfect.

    also would consider 900st as well which seem to go at $150
  11. milesjunkie
    I think at that point the replacement headband had been out of stock for some months - but yeh I love how these are built to withstand wear for many years and have parts that are replaced easily
  12. Lewis Li
    m50x no doubt
  13. ThePolishPaczki
    M50x if you want a nice warm punchy headphone with full body, Custom one Pro if you want a bass cannon with a v shape. Dt770 32 ohm if you want a well balanced v shaped headphone with punch bass and bright highs. I'd recommend using amazon and getting "very good -- like new" headphones, the packaging is damaged but the headphones are in perfect shape. Great way to save 20%

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