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Rate the video games you're currently playing

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by highflyin9, Oct 5, 2005.
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  1. Nev83
    Ah that brings back memories, didnt see sun for weeks back then hehe
  2. Inspectre
    APB: Reloaded. 5/10. Gameplay is still... so so. Just feeling nostalgic for my characters, really. For anyone who's interested in trying it, I'd say wait until the server merge in October, should be more exciting then.

    Also, KOTOR. 8/10. Rating would be higher, but I can't make widescreen work, it's less cinematic because of this. If anyone knows how to fix that, pls let me know :c
  3. Amish
    Just playing ESO now and I will re-rate it at 7/10
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  4. GreenBow
    Trying the private beta of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

    It's OK. I'd like to get it, but not straight away since I have other games to play. One thing that bugs me about it, is it has drone planes that spot you. They deploy normal smaller drones that shoot, but annoying they can move in an instant, making shooting them hard. Meanwhile they are shooting at you and other footbound enemies are closing right in. Bad mechanic if you ask me. Avoiding the drones is hard because there is not always time to find cover to hide.
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  5. Inspectre

    I was thinking about GR, but that... sounds annoying. Do you know if the community is complaining about it?
    The Beta seems to be pretty glitchy, I'll definitely be waiting to see some youtube clips of the final game first before I buy.
  6. knivek
    Classic WoW.


    Takes me back to tech school and late night raids. Quit once we downed C'Thun. Started again in WotLK, quit after server firsts for Cataclysm.
  7. Mizicke5273
    Battletech - 7.5/10

    Been playing it for about a month now and have just under a 100 hours on it; playing on the weekends mostly. Been a while since I played a turn-based strategy game. I am thoroughly enjoying the heck out of it and glad I joined the Kickstarter, even though it ended up being my last one; which is not due to Battletech in any way shape or form (Meater Kickstarter drove me to hate crowd funding and swore it off).

    It can be pretty hard, depending on how the RNG treats you and if you make some mistakes during combat. There is a lot of information and details that you need to pay attention to during combat, which makes it very interesting and no two battles a like. You are usually out gunned and facing heavier mechs, so you really need to plan your strategy. Which some times even the best strategy falls on it's face in front of the RNG, when it decides to give an enemy mech a head shot or a string of crits against you. Or the biggest headache, when the RNG decides to drop enemy reinforcements right on top of the group of enemies you are currently facing........on the end of turn 1. Pilots get injured and require time to heal, while mechs can have parts destroyed which also take time to replace. So mistakes in combat have consequences that can carry over to the next missions or contracts.

    What really makes the game interesting is even outside of combat you have to have a strategy. You are basically running a Mercenary unit and have to watch your budget. You take contracts to make money or salvage to build mechs. You have to hire and train pilots, upgrade your ship to help cut down mech maintenance time and pilot injury recovery time. Time is money and everything in game takes time, it is one of your most import assets to manage.

    Now I would give it a higher score, but it can be rough around the edges some. As I mentioned, the RNG dropping enemy reinforcements right on top of you, keeping more than 5 or so saves really slows the game down, loading and menu interaction, and the longer the game is running the, higher the chance of it freezing or crashing. To be honest, I have not had a game crash on me in probably a decade; this was the first.

    In the end, these issues do not detract from my enjoyment of running a Merc Unit that pilots massive walking death tanks, which I get to use to scrap other walking death tanks for parts!
  8. SilverEars
    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - (9/10)

    Very good side scrolling platformer. If any of you are familiar with Castlevania: Synphony of the Night, you will find that this game by the same creater, and thus pretty much a similar game. This catagory or genre this game fits in is what is coined as 'Metrovania.' It's called 'Metrovania' due to having similar map layout and gameplay mechanics as the game called 'Metroid,' which is a genre that I really like.

    Intiially I thought the graphics looked a bit dated, not really pushing the boundaries of today's graphic capabilities, but in terms of style, it has a well designed aesthetic to it. I really appreciated the visuals of the Castlevania series for the artwork.

    The previous side-scrolling Castlevania series were rendered with sprites, but this time they've gone a bit further with 3d rendering to what looks like 2.5d due to the game's side-scrolling perspective. The game has role-playing aspects to the side-scrolling action, which creates more customized playing mechanics, similar to the Diablo series. You gain access to new equipment such as armor or weapons as you progress forward.

    The level designers have created some quest challenges you have to figure out, and certain ones are way less obvious than others, and in the end, you'd likely require a guide to get through the game. This is downfall of the game experience, certain challenges that seems too difficult to figure out. Because I feel that a well designed puzzle elements are ones that the user can figure out over time. I don't recall SOTN having such difficulty.

    I usually don't put much time into games due to sucking up too much of my time, but this one seems interesting enough to play through it. This is the type of game I like, and it might be due to having old school game mechanics I grew up with. I like this genre and I wish there were more such titles coming out of Japan.

    Castlevania: SOTN (the classic)
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2019
  9. GreenBow
    Anyone else playing the open beta of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint?
  10. royjl
    Monster Hunter world (steam)
  11. BunnyNamedCraig
    Yo OuterWorlds so far 8 or 9/10

    no bugs, version of Fallout in space.

    i deducted points because so far the story isn’t that interesting to me. I get where there going with it so far but it seems to be kind of stagnant. Maybe I just need more time in the main campaign to get it chuggin along.

    so far it’s pretty much all I wanted and no more
  12. GreenBow
    Trying, Steam free weekend of Generation Zero.

    Both good when killing robots and boring because it feels lonely and empty. Scores 50% positive on Steam so I must be on the money.
  13. oqvist
    I love the 80:s synths and the very familiar surroundings as a Swede. Lives high on the atmosphere the emptiness kind of helps actually. Even though every Ikea House is the same and there is tons of buggs not just robots :p

    So its a modern classic and mediocre title technically at the same time. But its an indie team that just happens to have a triples A game engine to work with.
  14. GreenBow
    ……. and what the heck have they done to the Steam client?

    (A bit of colour would have been nice, but it's a mess now.)
  15. GreenBow
    Actually not so bad now I found 'recently played' under a drop down menu. When I see library now, I can still easily access my latest game.

    We need bigger or clearer library headers though.
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