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Rate the video games you're currently playing

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by highflyin9, Oct 5, 2005.
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  1. HiGHFLYiN9
    Since we have an excellent long standing anime thread going, I thought we could really use a general videogame thread. In this thread you can rate the games you are currently playing, and responding to what others have already said. Also discussing games you are looking forward to is fine as well. Please try to refrain from discussing new and upcoming hardware, games only.

    Currently playing:
    Shin Megami Tensei - Digital Devil Saga - PS2 - A dark roleplaying game from good 'ol Atlus. Trying to get through this one soon as the sequel is being released sometime this week [​IMG] So far so good. I'm about 20 hours into it, probably another 60 to go. I was initially a little disappointed after finding that a lot of the monsters from Nocturne have been recycled in this game however there does seem to be enough depth and an interesting storyline to keep me from losing interest. Rather than recruiting monsters like in nocturne (a hellish version of pokemon [​IMG]) you are people that transform into monsters, whos duty is to devour other tribes of people that can tranform into monsters to reach the nebulous "Nirvana" as other strange mysteries unfold. As usual another excellent RPG from Atlus, with more glorious artwork by Kazuma Kaneko. So far 4.25/5 (not quite as good as Nocturne)

    Forza - XBOX - I'm sure everyone knows that this is Xbox's version of Gran Turismo. I finally picked it up since it had dropped to $30 and have put a decent amount of time on it in the last week or so. Up to ~23% done in career however it seems that it is starting to become repetitive already, and the fact that it features the same tracks that were in Gran Turismo is certainly not helping. I'm currently trying to get through the heavyweight challenge and the Ferrari is exhibiting some annoying handling. So far 3/5

    Just got, and have played briefly but not long enough for reviews: Midway Classics #3, Lunar for DS, and Capcom Classics.
  2. AuroraProject
    Heh, I picked up Forza today, I'm 10% through the career mode and 19% through arcade. I like it, Project Gotham Racing 2 was my king racer for the Xbox, but Forza is better. In fact I'd go so far as to say Forza is better than GT4. I'd rate it at a 4 out of 5.

    This should hold me over until the 360 arrives, PGR3 anyone? [​IMG]
  3. XxATOLxX
    Gran Turismo 4: 11/10.. Its freakin sweet. I think I've spent more hours taking BMW's around Nurburging than playing the other races in the game itself [​IMG]

    Final Fantasy X2: ?/10 I just picked up this game from my friend today. He decided to sell it to me for $5.00 to buy pot. I quickly took advantage of this situation and bought the sequel to one of my favorites in the FF series.
  4. saturnine Contributor
    Battlefield 2 - Pre-Patch: 7/10. Post patch: 9/10. Still has its little flaws, but its one of the best mutiplayer games ever IMO.

    Wolfenstein: ET - 10/10. I've been playing for over 3 years now, and it still kicks ass. ([HKF]LT saturnine)
  5. Homeless
    Right now I'm playing X-men Legends rise of apocalypse on xbox...I enjoy just fine. I really liked the first x-men legends and so far this one holds up to that one. The cinema cut scenes are awesome...I'm only about an hour into the game but i'd give it an 8/10 so far...

    also playing EA's NHL 2006...ok, now I have not really liked EA's NHL games for a few years, but kept playing them because i could NOT stand the ESPN game...well 2006 is vastly improved over previous years, but having said that it isn't perfect. I needed to do a lot of adjustments to the sliders to get the game to come of as I wanted. I'm about half way through my first season and really like it thus far. 7.5/10

    I'm playing others as well but because I work full time and am taking a course as well I only play probably about 2 hours a week total so It's not worth me commenting on games I haven't really played much of...
  6. marvin
    Battlefield 2: 10/10 After the disappointment of Half Life 2 and Doom 3, finally someone makes an engaging FPS with great long term play value.
  7. Homeless
    maybe I'll try BF2...I'm actually still playing BF1942 and i still like it...I think my computer will need a vid card update though [​IMG]
  8. saturnine Contributor
    What card are you currently using? Specs please [​IMG]
  9. CMacDaddy
    CS 1.6 --- 9/10

    Starcraft --- 10/10

    Madden --- 10/10

    Tiger Woods Golf --- 8/10

    I stick with the best on PC [​IMG]
  10. RockCity
    Cool, someone plays Wolfenstein ET. I love free fps games. I was hooked on America's Army over the summer. Now, I'm playing calculator games since school started.
  11. EricP
    Madden NFL 2006: The only game I'm playing right now. Not that the game is that spectacular (it's ok I guess) but I just moved and set up wireless and it's too flaky to play anything online (my normal mode of gaming).

    The running game sucks (viva NFL 2k5 rushing), the passing game is an art, and defense is either stupidly easy (if you pass rush) or stupidly hard (if you try to play in coverage). Franchise mode is well-done. Even on All-Pro, I'm blowing teams out, though. I'm scared to try All-Madden.
  12. ooheadsoo
    Tekken 5 in the arcade: 9/10
    SC2 (in prep for SC3 and just for fun with friends at the arcade): 8/10

    Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (PC): 8/10-great old game made greater by mods. Simple but fun. Lots of replay value, like civilization for people without patience.

    Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy (PC): 9/10-great presentation, controls do not bother me, and the simon games have been fairly easy, so far.
  13. taylor
    Starcraft - I remember when it came out. The only other games I had ever played were Doom and Warcraft 2. I popped the Starcraft CD into my 133MHz Compaq. The loading screen took a full 30 seconds. Once I got in the game, it was amazing. It was awesome in every concievable aspect. You could even go to this special online thing and play with friends. Not even the K-Mart Blue Light internet with the banner across the screen that didn't quite go away when starcraft loaded could ruin my gaming experience. I was thrilled as I accompanied Jim Raynor on all sorts of adventures in the Tarsaronis Sector. There are so many aspects to the game that make it amazing. The campaign was brilliant, the regular multiplayer was well balanced and designed, UMS maps were ghetto but so much fun, money maps weren't anywhere near balanced but the progression, amazing. After a couple years I went from the standard 'toss turtling carrier noob to having all sorts of crazy strategies to beat 'toss turtling carrier noobs. And minimaps, insane, fast paced, and just so much fun. 64x64 map (about the size of a medium-large town for people who know RTS but not SC) with 8 players. Even now, nearly a decade later, I still get back on Starcraft and kick it with Micro Spiral. 11/10

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein - This was a cool game. When I bought it my PC wasn't up to min system req, it was only 4 months after buying it that I could play it. I don't know if it was going from 8MB S3 Trio graphics on a P-200 to a 64MB Geforce 2 on a P4-1600, but the graphics were just plain awesome. The gameplay was very good. I really liked the emphasis on tactics and teamwork. A very good player couldn't carry the team. The classes are well designed. The Soldier, with his abilities to carry all sorts of heavy weapons. The Medic, who had the most health, regenerated health, and could give health to or revive fallen teammates. The Engineer, who always had plenty of grenades on hand and could plant dynamite. Very few maps could be won without dynamite, except for the checkpoint maps, which I will cover later. The Lieutenant, who had a choice between the two regular SMGs and the Sten, a very accurate high powered SMG that overheated after you shot 10 rounds, and could call in airstrikes or artillery. The makers intended to balance it but through patches and mods like Bani and Shrub, the medic became by far the most powerful class. I believe iD intended for your regular player who didn't need any specific functions to choose Soldier. In the early years of the game that person would go Lt, later on that person would go medic. Now games are 90% medics. Even if you don't use the medic functions, you still have more health, regen faster, and most mods give you plenty of ammo. The original medic had 32 rounds in his clip and none to spare, now most have 1-2 spare clips because of Shrub. The game is fun. The campaign is very good. I have minor issues with Multiplayer, but for the most part, I like it. I don't like some of the unfixed glitches and the fact that regular RTCW MP is boring, the server needs to have at the minimum Shrub mod and sometimes Bani mod. However Shrub is so common that if you were to fire up RTCW and play you would think it's part of the original game. Overall I'd give it 8/10.

    Diablo 2 - This game is a sinkhole for time. It would be pretty boring, except for private dupes. Items that are normally very hard to find are relatively easy to come across. The game just takes a lot of time to level characters and find gear. The people who play it are generally jerks. Duels are the only thing that the game is played for anymore. Most of the duels consist of gangs travelling around picking on people [the gangs are] using characters that are a) completely unoriginal b) an exact copy of someone elses c) purchased off ebay. There are a few good people fighting these losers, but the game is tired and old. One of the good people who would play it with me and beat those gangs is dead, and personally, I would be surprised if I ever got back into D2. I look back at D2 with regret. I had excellent ideas for characters that I never bothered to finish. I made friends playing it, and lost friends playing it. I think I am going to give all of my accounts to my brothers friend who still plays it. There is this very annoying policy of deleting unused characters every 3 months and I have lost plenty of characters to it. I've ranged from loving this game to hating this game, which averages out to 5/10.

    Warcraft III - This is a good game. The campaign is boring but the game engine is so versatile. It's effectively a blank canvas for anyone with enough time to learn how to program custom scripts and units into it. You can make any kind of custom game you want. I've played many custom games, and the quality varies greatly. Because of the good UMS maps I've played and the friends I played them with, I give it a 9/10.
  14. fante7
    Super Smash Brothers (N64) - best party game of all time, much better than the Gamecube version. For fun, try 200% damage with very high items, bumpers only, with lightweight characters.

    Halo - much better than Halo 2. Very addictive. I play four player split screen every day. For fun, try this game type: invisible players, rockets only, oddball, nav points on, on Hang 'Em High. It is a lot of fun to use the rockets to shoot the oddball to yourself from various high points on the level. Best with 4 players, don't know if it would work with more.

    Favorite computer games - Total Annihilation, Star Control 2, Master of Orion 2.
  15. redshifter
    jak & daxter 1 (ps2) 6/10

    donkey kong king of swing (gba) 7/10

    ratchet and clank going commando (ps2) 7.5/10

    super mario world (gba) 6.5/10

    metroid fusion (gba) 6/10

    buffy chaos bleeds (ps2) 8/10
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