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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. Cevisi
    Got my 2.5 cabale today i get a warning it could damage my headphone and es100 when i use 2.5 x2 whit low impedance headphones

    So i better dont use it whit my t2 in 2x mode ?
  2. Broquen
    If you don't notice any improvement regarding SQ, I'd better let it at 1x.
  3. Cevisi
    Not really but there is a nice sq improvment compared to 3.5 more clarity more power more details"i can hear people breath" :gs1000smile::gs1000smile::gs1000smile:
  4. stormers
    what are you guys settings on balanced?
  5. stormers
    Do you guys hear much difference in highest mode vs adaptive?

    I have S8+ and can't walk outside with highest mode on because of the stuttering
  6. Broquen
    If you walk outside in adaptive, sound should be more stable but quality should decrease to maintain connection. If source and ES100 are close, without barriers like walls that can affect BT signal, both modes should play at highest quality if I'm not wrong. Honestly, I find adaptive to be perfect in most situations, but I like to use always highest quality anyway.
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  7. stormers
    I'd use the highest mode too if I don't have to keep changing it everytime I reconnect ES100 :frowning2:
  8. Broquen
    Yes, it is a nuisance. I think it is because Android system limitations, but I'm used to do it before connecting ES100 and it holds up for the whole session.
  9. Marco Angel
    Can you elaborate a little? I have the es100 and fh5 in balanced and I love them. I listen to them on the go and haven't read too much on the fh7 but seems that doesn't seem worth the extra cash (maybe I'm wrong)
  10. charlescc2
    Don't know if this is specific to my Amazon account but when I went to finalize the purchase of this today there was a 10% coupon waiting to be added from the product page. I've had it sitting in my cart for a couple days so perhaps that's why, for anybody else looking to buy this who doesn't see the coupon. As if $99 isn't already a steal for all you seem to get with this product...
  11. slowpickr
    I saw on the iSine thread where Anker came out with a female lightning to USB C male adapter. This got me to thinking about a way to connect a Cipher cable to the ES100. Been looking for a female USB C to male 2.5mm or 3.5mm. Don't think anything is available yet for this. I'm hoping someone comes out with a female lighting to male 2.5/3.5 adapter which would enable a Cipher to ES100 (or any DAP) connection. If anyone has discovered a way to use a Cipher cable with the ES100 (that doesn't involve a soldering iron LOL), please share.
  12. crazywipe
    Hi guys

    Some spare questions:

    - Is it an upgrade in sound quality compared to my iPhone 6?
    - When I pair this with my iPhone 6 can I control the volume with my phone?
    - Unbalanced, there is a noticeable difference between hi-power and standard mode? I would like to drive my 58x

  13. rkw
    The ES100 doesn't have digital output, making it impossible to use directly with a Cipher cable. What you're suggesting would require an extra A to D conversion (which will be questionable quality) and very undesirable. If you want Bluetooth to iSine, the best option is to get Audeze's Cipher Bluetooth cable.
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  14. Mouseman
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  15. crazywipe
    @Mouseman Terrific answer, thanks a lot!
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