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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. benoe
    default-sample-format = s16le
    default-sample-rate = 48000
    ; alternate-sample-rate = 48000
    default-sample-channels = 2
    default-channel-map = front-left,front-right
  2. Rush87
    The pulse config file doesn't seem to make any difference with regards to my problem :frowning2:
    I've tried all your suggestions and also replaced the config file with one from Linux Mint 19.1.
    I've since (re)reverted to 2.0.2 since downgrading to 2.0.1 didn't help (even with an old live USB version of my system).
    The ES100 works fine with Linux Mint 19.1 in live USB. Something with my version of Arch and the newer ES100 firmware does not mix well.
    The good news is that for some reason, now my ES100 plays fine with my computer via bluetooth (maybe I did not test it right before and the problem has always only been with USB), so I'll use it via bluetooth... until I receive the Topping NX4 I've ordered lol. Then I'll rarely use my ES100 with my computer, mostly with my phone.
    Anyway, thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.
  3. Jearly410
    AAC, not SBC. Also, I can’t tell a difference between wired and Bluetooth through my iPhone Bluetooth when out and about.

    There was also a comparison between apple’s AAC and two android AAC and there was a big difference in quality. Might be at ASR.
  4. F208Frank
    Although it was great for its price, I found the performance to be lacking to say the least. I can see it working for most occasions though. The Bluetooth feature it has is pretty amazing for its price.
  5. crabdog
    FWIW it's not working for me either on Voyager OS but I haven't tried messing with any config files.
  6. Rush87
    Huh, so problems on Ubuntu (based) also. Has it stopped working after updating to 2.0.2? Have you tried downgrading?
  7. arbiter76
    Bluetooth connections and multi device. Not talking about quality. It drops and doesn't know what to do when I have more than one phone on a device the iPhone always freaks. One of a few things that always makes me want to chunk my iPhone out the window on the interstate.
  8. crabdog
    I think it was after the update yeah. Honestly, I'm not willing to put that much time into trying to fix it. I only run Linux on my work laptop which is generally used for web browsing and occasional YouTube.
  9. Jearly410
    Ah my mistake. Yes I find the multi-pairing frustrating too.
  10. driveman
    Guys, I just got the ES100 and I have a strange problem when it's connected to my JH Audio JH16 IEMs. Would appreciate your insights.

    The setup is iPhone Xs + ES100 (Firmware 2.0.2) + JH Audio JH16 connected via the 3.5mm connector. The problem is that the vocals sound attenuated as if an equalizer is active (it is not) and attenuating the vocals frequency range.

    Here's the strange part: Everything sounds fine when (1) I connect Apple EarPods to the ES100 or (2) When the JH16 are connected to the iPhone via the Lightening adapter or to the Mac. It looks like the ES100 performs well with a different headphone and the JH16 performs well when connected to a different player, but the ES100 + JH16 combo exhibits the problem. The problem occurs when I use my Mac with the ES100 in USB mode as well.

    In terms of troubleshooting, so far I tried: A factory reset of ES100, ensuring that the jack of the JH16 is fully inserted to the ES100 connector and reinstalling the app.

    If helpful, the JH16 impedance is 18 ohms with a sensitivity of 118dB/mW.

    Any insights or similar experiences?
    Last edited: Feb 25, 2019
  11. Pro-Jules
    If the sound is bass light and also sounds "ultra wide" or "behind you" that set of earphones might be out of phase. If so It will monkey with any signal centrally panned (like vocals and bass)
  12. kingdixon
    Could it be a synergy thing ?

    I feel they both sound a bit on the warm side might not be a good match together
  13. smorgar
    That's a funny comparison since no one is using AAC on an Android device :)
  14. Jearly410
    For sure. With Aptx and LDAC there is no reason to use AAC on Android devices. I was surprised to see the different implementations of AAC encoding had such a drastic effect.
  15. smorgar
    Yeah that's quite interesting... I wonder if AAC on Android differs from device to device. I'm thinking Google's own Pixel vs flagship Samsung
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