R2R DA M1 Ultracap powered build

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  1. bballas
    wck,mck in lvds its not sclk.Somebody can help?
  2. bballas
  3. bballas
    -No matter how grungy, noisy and inconsistent the AC coming out of your wall happens to be, you will never hear anything less than utterly quiet, perfectly detailed sound.
    -Absolutely Zero AC hum and noise for a completely “black” background from which the subtlest musical information emerges with perfect clarity.
    -No need for expensive power conditioners, “audiophile” power cords or dedicated power lines.
    - Super high current supply – as there is no AC to DC conversion inside the component, no transformers or bridge rectifiers that choke instantaneous current and make noise. You will enjoy greater dynamics with tight, precise bass response along with more open and extended treble.
    -Lifespan rated at 1,000,000 cycles (compare that to 2,000 cycles for the best Lithium battery topologies). You will never need to replace the ultracapacitors and will enjoy a lifetime of use.
    -Maintenance free.
    -Cleanest, high-current DC power supply yet!
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  4. bballas
    12 rail u caps work perfectly.....
  5. bballas
    Source test
    -win10,Ao,Hq player,Li-ion batt,singxer f1 u caps
    Consonance X5(Rpi2)Ucaps 5v, i2s out

    X5 won.
    better microdetails
  6. abartels
    That is good news, and, even with standard crappy I2S-direct out from RPI, can you imagine how it can sound with isolator + FIFO reclocker ? :)
  7. bballas
    I cant .bcose rpi i2s don't want work anymore.i use now xingxer f1 with u caps.
  8. coinmaster
    God damn it. I may be obligated to build one of these. I like how you converted your NFB-1 chassis into a housing for this DAC.
    Coincidentally I destroyed my NFB-1 in an accident while prototyping one of my amplifiers.
    Firstly, how does this dac sound in comparison with the NFB-1?
    Secondly, is there some kind of schematic or instructional guide for this dac of yours?
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  9. bballas
    "Firstly, how does this dac sound in comparison with the NFB-1?"
    My great sounding nos 7 on SALE.Disassembled nfb1 components somewhere in the corner.
    sound more lifelike than other dacs.
    some schematic...later...
  10. coinmaster
    Now that I think about it, my insatiable desire for design perfection might allow me to only choose the new ES9038 chip as an acceptable dac option.
    You seem to claim that these super cap supplies are the bees knees. Have you tried comparing them to super regs?
  11. bballas
    super regs mean ultra low noise regulator?
    yes,lt 3042+ultracaps sound also good.i dont think better,maybe little bit worse or just different.
    who knows with new sabre witch combination better .
    one thing is sure,trafos,diodes,ldos sound much worse
  12. coinmaster
    No I mean like a super regulator. As in Walt Jungs super regulator.
  13. bballas
    uptone audio LPS1-best psu this time
    other hiper super .....no comment
  14. abartels
    Balazs meant to say:

    The Ultracaps do sound superior to all other psu's, even Class-A (Shunt regs) from AGD, LT3042 based psu's and others.
    LPS-1 is somewhat on par, but theoratically should sound worse because of the use of regulators AFTER the ultracaps
    which destroys ESR and buffer capacity, and it limits current. The used ultracaps can deliver 63 Amps pulse, and 11 Amps continously!!!!!!
    And, don't forget, if powering a dac-chip, you need to power EVERY voltage rail seperately, so, if you wanted to use LPS-1,
    you would need a bunch of them, depending on the structure of your dac-chip.
  15. coinmaster
    A super reg is in a league of its own. It can have an output impedance of less than 100 micro ohms throughout the audio range.
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