R2R DA M1 Ultracap powered build

  1. bballas
    T2Yc9XXSxXXXXXXXXX_!!167960261.jpg T2hLKaXMVXXXXXXXXX_!!167960261.jpg
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  3. abartels
    could be very possible,,, last Saturday status of shipment at DHL website was "Shipment information received"
    Today, 6 days later, it says: "Picked up",,,,, delivery will be on Monday.
  4. bballas
    take it easy.....welcome, too china!
  5. abartels
    Nice job!
  6. rellik
    I cant wait for the washer machines to start making the air raid siren from Silent Hill. Sorry off topic.

    Could you post some product codes etc. on those HV Series Aerogel caps? They look cool (deep) yet confusing.
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  7. rellik
    Nice, shipped from china.
  8. abartels
  9. abartels
    And, always be VERY careful to buy capacitors in China. You never know what you buy. Since some Chinese sellers do like it a lot to copy components, and even selling NON EXISTANT components, be careful!

    We don't know if these Cooper - Bussmann - Eaton ultracapacitors are genuin, but they perform good.

    See these, they look a real bargain, 16V - 83F modules with protection circuit:



    These are so called Samwha Green-Cap EDLC(DB) 2.7V 500F ultracapacitors. The plastic sleeve does look different from original Samwha Green-Cap EDLC(DB).
    And, after a little of investigation, there's even a certificate number on those ultracapacitors, MH47765, which leads us to:


    Which tells us the series are within the 100F to 400F range.

    Taking a further look at the current datasheet, it says: it's a snap-in type with 2 leads,
    and the maximum capacity is 400F.


    What the above seller on TaoBao is trying to sell is absolutely not clear to me, it's a so called Green-Cap -DB series from Samwha,
    with a capacity of 500F and with 5-leads snap-in. This ultracapacitor is NON EXISTENT, at least, it is NOT a Samwha ultracapacitor.

    This leads us into some sort of uncertainty, because we don't know what we are buying. It could be some sort of rubbish ultracap with
    a capacity of 50F instead of 500F, and with a very high ESR value.

    This sort of sellers make it absolutely uninteresting for us to buy components in China. It's a very sad thing they don't understand this.

    A few weeks ago I found some very interesting KEMET capacitors, to recap my poweramplifier. Those KEMET's are of VERY high quality,
    and I wanted to use them, especially they were affordable.

    After some searching on the manufacturers website I found out the Chinese KEMET capacitors, rated 200V 20.000UF, were NON EXISTANT.
    That KEMET series was starting at 400V-DC and NOT 200V-DC as showed on the Chinese versions.

    Maybe we have to keep in mind: If something looks to good to be true, it IS to good to be true......

    Be aware of this!!!
  10. bballas
    4x1.8v ,
    8x3.3v ultracaps feeding 8 DAm1 modules.Trial this weekend.
  11. abartels
    That is great news!!!

    I am also very curious if 8x 3.3V feeding soundwise is better than 4x 3.3V feeding, combining cold and hot channels of xlr, because they need exact same voltage level to play 100% synchronously.
    Maybe first try with 4x 3.3V feeding?

    Good luck!!!

  12. bballas
    8x, because one relay modules 4 rails,2x4=8
    that's why 8x .hahaha
  13. bballas
    Dam1 use common ground(negative)
    use switch here,after full charge turn on the switch,trallala...
  14. abartels
    Any news on your test setup with 8x DA-M1 modules?

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