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Quick Advice: [UM1, SA6, UE700]

  1. Bridge
    Decisions, Decisions
    Hello, Im a newbie with a newbie question.
    So Im looking to step up into a set of IEMs and Im highly considering the UM1's at this point. Based on my online research.
    Let me quickly explain my situation. I work 10 hour days in a noisy warehouse/distribution center. I listen to my music sometimes all 10 hours. I have a $200 budget. I narrowed down my selection to 3 headphones. UM1, SA6, or UE700.
    To anyone who owns or HAS owned UM1s: Do they cause any pressure points? Like in the "concha" area of your ear where it looks like they tuck in? After spending $110 on them I would hate for them to hurt my ears.
    Anyone want to talk me out of the UM1's? Go for it.
    Thanks in advanced.
  2. mobbaddict
    I found the UM1 terrible out of a weak DAP like the Clip, i don't think they're worth the money for portable listening (they were made for monitoring anyway). They start sounding decent out of a good stationary source.
    I would also consider the Phonak Audeos comfort-wise.
    I picked the UE700 on a one-day sale fro $70. At that price, they are a very good value. They are really small. 
  4. Bridge


    I guess Im considering IEM because as a hobby of mine I like to play my synthesizer and use Ableton. I figured I can also use the same set  with my MP3 player as well.

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