Questionnaire About Earphone Types(Note: that this questionnaire is not limited to earphones of FiiO brand)

Which earphone types do you like the most? Please take a vote by choosing one of them.

  • Dynamic Driver earphones

    Votes: 63 37.1%
  • Balanced Armature earphones

    Votes: 13 7.6%
  • Dynamic Driver and Balanced Armature Hybrid earphones

    Votes: 94 55.3%

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Jul 30, 2008
Distinguished users,
To better know your preference and design suitable earphones for you, we made this questionnaire about earphone types and would like to sincerely invite you to participate in it. Thank you so much for your support and advice.

Note: that this questionnaire is not limited to earphones of FiiO brand
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I haven't been completely satisfied with the best DD I've heard so far(FD5), or the best BA I've heard so far(DM8). My cheaper hybrids(FH3, ZAX) generally have better balance, though worse technical ability. I will vote for hybrid(e-stats?), though my excellent UrbanFun YBF makes me curious what future DD sets can do, at any pricepoint. :)

I wonder, was the FH3 so heavy because of internal dampening/filling to make the bass sound best? These are heavier than I would like. FD5 is also fairly heavy, but does not fall out of my ears like FH3 tends to.
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Dynamics are good for entry level iems, but a great crossover and multiple balanced armature just sound better. Every ba&dd hybrid I have ever tried never sounded right, but it's been a few years since I have. The 64 audios were the last pair I tried. I just find the dd is too slow compared to the ba.
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What I want: dd bass + upper mids & treble resolution one gets from alternative drivers + cohesiveness maintained as much as possible. Thus, I've landed on appreciating configurations such as DUNU DK-4001: full range dd + ba (or, I'd love to see EST instead of ba). YMMV, as always.
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I personally love micro-dynamic IEMs, really hope you make some soon! Like the now classic Yamaha EPH-100.
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If hybrid can be tuned as coherence as single DD, then definitely the hybrid!!
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The FD5 is a phenomenally good sounding IEM for $300. I would love to see what FiiO could do with a true flagship-level 1DD IEM!!

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Hi FiiO
Big fan of the FH3, extremely good for the money. Would love you to produce a replacement or higher end version of the FH7 😀
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Old school single dynamic driver for me. Or micro dd. I value musicality, tonal balance and cohesiveness above technicality and "detail retrieval". I preffer headphones, I use iems only in high heat, Final E3000.
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Using the FD5 currently and it leaves an impact on me every time I listen to it!! Looking for something even better if possible haha.

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