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QLS QA361 impression thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by audionewbi, Dec 1, 2017.
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  1. unknownguardian
  2. audionewbi
    Alright, hoping to try the stock FW next week.
  3. cleg
    My take on QLS361. This DAP really deserves more attention

  4. customNuts
    Hi mate,
    I always enjoy your you tube reviews.
    my question is, is there a large increase in sound quality over the QLS QA360 MOD and the A & K SR15 norma? If you could do a small comparison to those 2 units re: sound sig and re: sound quality.
    Much appreciated bud.
  5. cleg
    I didn't test QA360 Mod, so I can't tell the difference. Compared with "regular" 360, difference is noticeable, and pretty big, I'd said that it's another level. But I can't tell about MOD version, as I've read it's a real improvement over the stock one.

    As for SR15, it's a bit more complicated question, as it depends on your sonic preferences. In terms of detalisation, microcontrast, etc. 361 is a real step forward, but it's a neutral DAP and not everyone likes neutral signature, so subjectively some people can prefer SR15, despite it being not so good in terms of "technicality"
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  6. audionewbi
    I wanted purchase the 360MOD to compare against the 361, sadly there isn't a unit out there. I'm told by few reliable sources, the magic of the 360MOD is the amplification circuit.
  7. customNuts
    That describes it very well, thank you.
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  8. customNuts
    audionewbi likes this.
  9. audionewbi
    found a second hand one, if all deal goes well Ill post my impression soon.
  10. customNuts
    I owned the Fiio X7 ii and the Qp1r. The QP1R was the best sounding player Iv'e had so far. What I really want to know is have you heard the QP1R and if so how does it compare to the QA361??
  11. customNuts
    That would be great. There's not many comparisons in eng yet so it would help a lot of people out I think.

    Has anyone heard the QA361 with the ie800? Would love to know what the synergy is like with that pairing.

    And also if there are any other pairings that really shine?
  12. cleg
    well, I owned QP1R some time ago, but it was pretty long ago and I didn't have a chance for direct comparison, so I can only compare by memory. this means I can be 100% wrong here, memory can be tricky :)

    first of all, 361 offers blacker background, notes are better "highlighted" and thus sounds more realistic. also 361 is more uncolored, QP1R isn't really colored too, but 361 makes another step towards neutrality.
    361 is more resolving, but here difference won't be big. also QLS (or Quloos) gives small improvement in staging and definitive improvement in power and control (that amp scheme is something superb)

    actually, I'd said that 361 is the best price/quality DAP for those who want neutral representation and don't need features like streaming
  13. customNuts
    And just in your opinion, what would you recommend as the best price/quality DAP for something highly resolving but also quite musical?
    much appreciated.
  14. cleg
    of those models I've heard, OPUS#2 or DX200+AMP7/8 — not the "totally best" in absolute, but really great in price/quality
  15. customNuts
    Thanks mate, that helps a lot.
    Any chance you've heard the ie800 with O2, DX200, or QA361?
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